Reviews Listed by Volume and Number: Volume 18 (2008)

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Vol. 18, No. 1 January 2008

Diffie, Whitfield, and Susan Landau.  Privacy on the Line: The Politics of Wiretapping and Encryption. . . . pp.1-3. 

Jain, Sarah S. Lochlann.  Injury: The Politics of Product Design and Safety Law in the United States. . . . pp.4-6. 

Loukacheva, Natalia.   The Arctic Promise: Legal and Political Autonomy of Greenland and Nunavut. . . . pp.7-10. 

Wright, Margaret M.  Judicial Decision Making in Child Sexual Abuse Cases. . . . pp.11-14. 

Zimnenko, Boris Leonidovich.  International Law and the Russian Legal System. . . . pp.15-19.

Brütsch, Christian, and Dirk Lehmkuhl (eds). Law and Legalization in Transnational Relations. . . . pp.20-29. 

Davis, Darren W. Negative Liberty: Public Opinion and the Terrorist Attacks on America. . . . pp.30-34.  

Dubber, Markus D., and Lindsay Farmer (eds). Modern Histories of Crime and Punishment. . . . pp.35-38.  

Landsberg, Brian K.  Free at Last to Vote: The Alabama Origins of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. . . . pp.39-43.  

Ripstein, Arthur (ed).  Ronald Dworkin. . . . pp.44-50.

Baum, Marsha L.  When Nature Strikes: Weather Disasters and the Law. . . . pp.51-53. 

Liebmann, George W.  The Common Law Tradition: A Collective Portrait Of Five Legal Scholars. . . . pp.54-56. 

McBride, Keally.  Punishment and Political Order. . . . pp.57-61.  

Richards, Peter Judson.  Extraordinary Justice: Military Tribunals in Historical and International Context. . . . pp.62-66. 

Tsagourias, Nicholas (ed).   Transnational Constitutionalism: International and European Perspectives. . . . pp.67-68.  

Vermeule, Adrian.  Mechanisms of Democracy: Institutional Design Writ Small. . . . pp.69-72. 

Zimmerman, Joseph F.  The Silence of Congress: State Taxation of Interstate Commerce. . . . pp.73-75.

Banks, Christopher P., David B. Cohen, and John C. Green (eds).  The Final Arbiter: The Consequences of Bush v. Gore for Law and Politics. . . . pp.76-79. 

Huber, Gregory A.  The Craft of Bureaucratic Neutrality: Interests and Influence in Governmental Regulation of Occupational Safety. . . . pp.80-82.   

Hutchinson, Dennis J., David A. Strauss and Geoffrey R. Stone (eds).  The Supreme Court Review 2006. . . . pp.83-87. 

Sauvageau, Florian, David Schneiderman, and David Taras.  The Last Word:  Media Coverage of the Supreme Court of Canada. . . . pp.88-90. 

Song, Sarah.  Justice, Gender, and the Politics of Multiculturalism. . . . pp.91-94. 

Tonry, Michael (ed).  Crime, Punishment, and Politics in Comparative Perspective. . . . pp.95-98.

Vol. 18, No. 2 February 2008

Ball, Howard.  Bush, the Detainees, and the Constitution: The Battle over Presidential Power in the War on Terror. . . . pp.99-102.

Dinan, John J.  The American State Constitutional Tradition. . . . pp.103-105. 

Johnson, Kevin R.  Opening the Floodgates: Why America Needs to Rethink its Borders and Immigration Laws. . . . pp.106-108. 

Miola, José.   Medical Ethics and Medical Law: A Symbiotic Relationship. . . . pp.109-112. 

Sharpe, Robert J., and Patricia I. McMahon.  The Persons Case: The Origins and Legacy of the Fight for Legal Personhood. . . . pp.113-115. 

Tubbs, David L.  Freedom’s Orphans:  Contemporary Liberalism and the Fate of American Children. . . . pp.116-118.

Francioni, Francesco(ed). Biotechnologies and International Human Rights. . . . pp.119-127. 

Gant, Scott.  We’re All Jounralists Now:  The Transformation of the Press and the Reshaping of the Law in the Internet Age. . . . pp.128-131.

 Pateman, Carole, and Charles Mills.  Contract and Domination. . . . pp.132-134.

 Paust, Jordon J.  Beyond the Law:  The Bush Administration’s Unlawful Responses in the “War” on Terror. . . . pp.135-137.

 Tortell, Lisa.  Monetary Remedies for Breach of Human Rights: A Comparative Study. . . . pp.138-142.

 Yackle, Larry.  Regulatory Rights: Supreme Court Activism, the Public Interest, and the Making of Constitutional Law. . . . pp.143-146.

Ali, Shaheen Sadar, Savitri Goonesekere, Emilio Garcia Mendez, and Rebeca Rios-Kohn.  Protecting the World’s Children: Impact of the Convention on the Rights of Child in Diverse Legal Systems. . . . pp.147-151. 

Arthur, John.  Race, Equality, and the Burdens of History. . . . pp.152-156.   

Hoffer, Peter Charles, Williamjames Hull Hoffer and N. E. H. Hull.  The Supreme Court: An Essential History. . . . pp.157-159.  

James, Stephen.  Universal Human Rights: Origins and Development. . . . pp.160-162. 

Kaikobad, Kaiyan Homi. Interpretation and Revision of International Boundary Decisions. . . . pp.163-165. 

O’Neill, Jonathan.  Originalism in American Law and Politics: A Constitutional History. . . . pp.166-172. 

Shatzmiller, Maya.   Her Day in Court: Women’s Property Rights in Fifteenth-Century Granada. . . . pp.173-176.

Vol. 18, No. 3 March 2008

Atwell, Mary Welek. Wretched Sisters: Examining Gender and Capital Punishment. . . . pp.177-179. 

Aucoin, Brent J.  A Rift in the Clouds: Race and the Southern Federal Judiciary, 1900-1910. . . . pp.180-183. 

Cossman, Brenda.  Sexual Citizens: The Legal and Cultural Regulation of Sex and Belonging. . . . pp.184-187. 

Kilborn, Jason J. Comparative Consumer Bankruptcy. . . . pp.188-191. 

Orth, John V.  How Many Judges Does It Take To Make A Supreme Court?  And Other Essays On Law And The Constitution. . . . pp.192-194. 

Popkin, William D.  Evolution of the Judicial Opinion: Institutional and Individual Styles. . . . pp.195-197.

Cichowski, Rachel.   The European Court And Civil Society: Litigation, Mobilization, And Governance. . . . pp.198-203. 

Feige, David.  Indefensible:  One Lawyer’s Journey into the Inferno of American Justice. . . . pp.204-207. 

Häyry, Matti, Ruth Chadwick, Vilhjálmur Árnason And Gardar Árnason (eds.).  The Ethics and Governance of Human Databases: European Perspectives. . . . pp.208-211.  Also available In Spanish (pp.212-215). 

Korobkin, Russell, with Stephen R. Munzer.  Stem Cell Century: Law And Policy For A Breakthrough Technology. . . . pp.216-219. 

Přibáň,  Jiří.  Legal Symbolism: On Law, Time and European Identity. . . . pp.220-225.

Bennett, Robert S.  In The Ring: The Trials of a Washington Lawyer. . . . pp.226-228. 

Browne, Jude (ed).  The Future of Gender. . . . pp.229-231. 

Loader, Ian, and Neil Walker.  Civilizing Security. . . . pp.232-234. 

Malone, Christopher.  Between Freedom And Bondage: Race, Party, And Voting Rights In The Antebellum North. . . . pp.235-238. 

Sullivan, Kathleen S.  Constitutional Context: Women And Rights Discourse In Nineteenth-Century America. . . . pp.239-243. 

Swinford, Mac.  Kentucky Lawyer: Legends Of Bench and Bar. . . . pp.244-245.

Fritz, Christian G.  American Sovereigns: The People and America’s Constitutional Tradition Before the Civil War. . . . pp.246-250. 

Waldman, Steven.  Founding Faith: Providence, Politics, and the Birth of Religious Freedom in America. . . . pp.251-254.

Vol. 18, No. 4 April 2008

Barber, Sotirios A., and James E. Fleming.  Constitutional Interpretation: The Basic Questions. . . . pp.255-259. 

Clarkson, Chris.  Domestic Reforms: Political Visions and Family Regulation in British Columbia, 1862-1940. . . . pp.260-262. 

Dam, Kenneth W.  The Law-Growth Nexus: The Rule of Law and Economics Development. . . . pp.263-266. 

Seron, Carroll (ed).  The Law and Society Canon. . . . pp.267-271.

Aladjem, Terry Kenneth.  The Culture of Vengeance and the Fate of American Justice. . . . pp.272-275. 

Freyer, Tony A.  Little Rock on Trial: Cooper V. Aaron and School Desegregation. . . . pp.276-279. 

Harrison, James.  The Human Rights Impact of the World Trade Organization. . . . pp.280-282. 

Kramer, Matthew H.  Objectivity and the Rule of Law. . . . pp.283-287.

Aladjem, Terry Kenneth.  Author’s Reply.  The Culture of Vengeance and the Fate of American Justice . . . . pp.376-380. 

Askola, Heli.  Legal Repsonses to Trafficking in Women for Sexual Exploitation in the European Union. . . . pp.381-384. 

Backer, Larry Catá (ed).  Harmonizing Law in an Era of Globalization: Convergence, Divergence, and Resistance. . . . pp.385-386. 

Langer, Rosanna L.  Defining Rights and Wrongs: Bureaucracy, Human Rights and Public Accountability. . . . pp.387-391. 

Meyerson, Michael I.  Liberty’s Blueprint:  How Madison and Hamilton Wrote the Federalist Papers, Defined the Constitution, And Made Democracy Safe for the World. . . . pp.392-395. 

Tombs, Steve, and Dave Whyte. Safety Crimes. . . . pp.396-398.

Vol. 18, No. 5 May 2008

Aladjem, Terry Kenneth.  Reviewer’s Reply, by Whitley Kaufman.  The Culture of Vengeance and the Fate of American Justice . . . . pp.399-400. 

Busch, Andrew E.  The Constitution on the Campaign Trail: The Surprising Political Career of America’s Founding Document. . . . pp.401-403. 

Sunstein, Cass R.  Worst Case Scenarios. . . . pp.404-408.

Edlin, Douglas E. (ed). Common Law Theory. . . . pp.409-415.  

Gould, Jon B. The Innocence Commission:  Preventing Wrongful Convictions and Restoring the Criminal Justice System. . . . pp.416-419. 

Jovanović, Miodrag.  Constitutionalizing Secession in Federalized States: A Procedural Approach. . . . pp.420-422.

Duff, R.A.  Answering For Crime: Responsibility and Liability in the Criminal Law. . . . pp.423-426. 

Hurwitz, Agnčs, with Reyko Huang (eds). Civil War and the Rule of Law: Security, Development, Human Rights. . . . pp.427-431. 

Steinhoff, Uwe.  On The Ethics of War and Terrorism. . . . pp.432-434.

Hilbink, Lisa.  Judges beyond Politics in Democracy and Dictatorship: Lessons from Chile. . . . pp.435-437. 

Morris, Jeffrey Brandon.  Establishing Justice in Middle America: A History of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. . . . pp.438-440. 

Wicks, Elizabeth.  Human Rights and Healthcare. . . . pp.441-443.

Henham, Ralph, and Paul Behrens (eds.). The Criminal Law of Genocide: International, Comparative and Contextual Aspects. . . . pp.444-448. 

Kuhn, Martin.  Federal Dataveillance: Implications for Constitutional Privacy Protections. . . . pp.449-451. 

Thaler, Richard H., and Cass R. Sunstein.  Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness. . . . pp.452-455. 

Yarbrough, Tinsley E.  Harry A. Blackmun: The Outsider Justice. . . . pp.456-466. 

Zamboni, Mauro.  The Policy of Law: A Legal Theoretical Framework. . . . pp.467-470.

Vol. 18, No. 6 June 2008

Fidler David P., and Lawrence O. Gostin.  Biosecurity in the Global Age: Biological Weapons, Public Health, and the Rule of Law. . . . pp.471-476. 

Gies, Lieve.  Law and the Media – The Future of an Uneasy Relationship. . . . pp.477-480. 

Holzman-Gazit, Yifat.  Law, Culture and Society. . . . pp.481-485. 

Netanel, Neil Weinstock.  Copyright’s Paradox. . . . pp.486-489. 

Stuart, Douglas T.  Creating the National Security State: A History Of The Law That Transformed America. . . . pp.490-493.

Brooks-Gordon, Belinda, Fatemeh Ebtehaj, Jonathan Herring, Martin H. Johnson and Martin Richards (eds). Death Rites and Rights. . . . pp.494-495. 

Levine, Caroline. Provoking Democracy: Why We Need the Arts. . . . pp.496-499. 

Ostberg, C. L., and Matthew E. Wetstein. Attitudinal Decision Making In the Supreme Court of Canada. . . . pp.500-504. 

Wall, David S.  Cybercrime: The Transformation of Crime in the Information Age. . . . pp.505-507.

Beckert, Jens.  Inherited Wealth. . . . pp.508-510. 

Davies, Margaret.  Property: Meanings, Histories, Theories. . . . pp.511-513.

O’Connell, Jeffrey, and Thomas E. O’Connell.  Friendships Across Ages:  Johnson and Boswell; Holmes and Laski. . . . pp.514-516.

Rothchild, Jonathan, Matthew Myer Boulton, and Kevin Jung (eds).  Doing Justice to Mercy: Religion, Law and Criminal Justice. . . . pp.517-522.

Benson, Robert.  The Interpretation Game: How Judges And Lawyers Make The Law. . . . pp.523-526. 

Kanstroom, Daniel.  Deportation Nation: Outsiders in American History. . . . pp.527-530.

Book Notices, June 2008 . . . . pp.531-557.

Vol. 18, No. 7 July 2008

Beckwith, Francis J.  Defending Life: A Moral and Legal Case Against Abortion Choice. . . . pp.558-566. 

de Been, Wouter.  Legal Realism Regained: Saving Realism From Critical Acclaim. . . . pp.567-570. 

Fell, A. London.  Origins of Legislative Sovereignty and the Legislative State. . . . pp.571-573. 

Foster, Hamar, Heather Raven, and Jeremy Webber (eds).  Let Right Be Done: Aboriginal Title, the Calder Case, and the Future of Indigenous Rights. . . . pp.574-578. 

Tsesis, Alexander.  We Shall Overcome:  A History of Civil Rights and the Law. . . . pp.579-581.

Du Bois-Pedain, Antje.  Transitional Amnesty in South Africa. . . . pp.582-586. 

Heyman, Steven J.  Free Speech and Human Dignity. . . . pp.587-589. 

Nieto-Garrido, Eva, and Isaac Martín Delgado.  European Administrative Law in the Constitutional Treaty. . . . pp.590-593. 

Tierney, Stephen (ed).  Multiculturalism and the Canadian Constitution. . . . pp.594-597.

Weait, Matthew.  Intimacy and Responsibility:  The Criminialisation of HIV Transmission. . . . pp.598-600.

Culbert, Jennifer L.  Dead Certainty: The Death Penalty and the Problem of Judgment. . . . pp.601-604. 

Elliston, Sarah.  The Best Interests of the Child in Healthcare. . . . pp.605-609. 

Fleming, James E.  Securing Constitutional Democracy: The Case of Autonomy. . . . pp.610-623. 

Hertel, Shareen, and Lanse Minkler (eds).  Economic Rights: Conceptual, Measurement, and Policy Issues. . . . pp.624-628. 

Smith, Anna Marie.  Welfare Reform and Sexual Regulation. . . . pp.629-631. 

Teles, Steven M.  The Rise of the Conservative Legal Movement: The Battle for Control of the Law. . . . pp.632-636.

Baumgartner, Frank R., Suzanna L. Deboef and Amber E. Boydstun. The Decline of the Death Penalty and the Discovery of Innocence. . . . pp.637-639.  

Croley, Steven P.  Regulation and Public Interests: The Possibility of Good Regulatory Governance. . . . pp.640-644. 

Dunn, Joshua M.  Complex Justice: The Case of Missouri v. Jenkins. . . . pp.645-650. 

Goldberg, Steven.  Bleached Faith: The Tragic Cost When Religion Is Forced Into The Public Square. . . . pp.651-655. 

Jorgensen, Miriam (ed). Rebuilding Native Nations: Strategies for Governance and Development. . . . pp.656-658.

Aoki, Keith.  Seed Wars: Controversies and Cases on Plant Genetic Resources and Intellectual Property. . . . pp.659-662. 

Moghalu, Kingsley Chiedu.  Global Justice: The Politics Of War Crimes Trials. . . . pp.663-667. 

Sollenberger, Mitchel A.  The President Shall Nominate: How Congress Trumps Executive Power. . . . pp.668-672. 

Sottiaux, Stefan.  Terrorism and the Limitation of Rights: The ECHR and the US Constitution. . . . pp.673-676. 

Trost, Christine, and Alison L. Gash (eds).  Conflict Of Interest and Public Life: Cross-National Perspectives. . . . pp.677-678. 

Von Tigerstrom, Barbara.  Human Security and International Law: Prospects and Problems. . . . pp.679-680.   Also available in Spanish.

Vol. 18, No. 8 August 2008

Bercusson, Brian, and Cynthia Estlund (eds).  Regulating Labor in the Wake of Globalisation:  New Challenges, New Institutions. . . . pp.684-689. 

Haghighi, Sanam S.  Energy Security: The External Legal Relations of the European Union with Major Oil and Gas Supplying Countries. . . . pp.690-692. 

Lubet, Steven.  The Importance of Being Honest: How Lying, Secrecy, and Hypocrisy Collide with the Trust in Law. . . . pp.693-695.  

McGinty, Brian.  Lincoln and the Court. . . . pp.696-697. 

Pogge, Thomas (ed).  Freedom From Poverty As A Human Right:  Who Owes What To The Very Poor?. . . . pp.698-702. 

Walsh, Anthony, and Craig Hemmens. Law, Justice, and Society: A Sociolegal Introduction. . . . pp.703-705.

Kirkland, Anna.  Fat Rights: Dilemmas of Difference and Personhood. . . . pp.706-708. 

Lynch, Timothy J., and Robert S. Singh.  After Bush: The Case For Continuity In American Foreign Policy. . . . pp.709-712. 

Schaller, Barry R.  Understanding Bioethics and the Law:  The Promises and Perils of the Brave New World of Biotechnology. . . . pp.713-717. 

Scott, Kyle.  Dismantling American Common Law: Liberty and Justice in Our Transformed Courts. . . . pp.718-720.

Brinks, Daniel.  The Judicial Response To Police Killings In Latin America:  Inequality And The Rule Of Law. . . . pp.721-724. 

Kyvig, David E.  The Age Of Impeachment: American Constitutional Culture Since 1960. . . . pp.725-728. 

Marshall, Thomas R.  Public Opinion and the Rehnquist Court. . . . pp.729-733. 

Nordstrom, Carolyn.  Global Outlaws: Crime, Money, and Power in the Contemporary World. . . . pp.734-738. 

Novkov, Julie.  Racial Union: Law, Intimacy, And The White State In Alabama, 1865-1954. . . . pp.739-742. 

Posner, Richard A.  How Judges Think. . . . pp.743-747.

Markovits, Richard S.  Truth or Economics: On the Definition, Prediction, and Relevance of Economic Efficiency. . . . pp.748-750.

Morgan, Jill.  Aspects of Housing Law. . . . pp.751-753. 

Richardson, Henry J., III.  The Origins of African American Interests in International Law. . . . pp.754-756. 

Sarat, Austin, Nadav Davidovitch, and Michal Alberstein (eds).  Trauma and Memory: Reading, Healing, and Making Law. . . . pp.757-761.

Vol. 18, No. 9 September 2008

Friedman, Lawrence M.  Guarding Life’s Dark Secrets: Legal and Social Controls over Reputation, Propriety, and Privacy. . . . pp.762-764.   

Miller, Mark C. (ed).  Exploring Judicial Politics. . . . pp.765-767. 

Morgan, Bronwen (ed).  The Intersection of Rights and Regulation - New Directions in Sociolegal Scholarship. . . . pp.768-773. 

Purcell, Edward A., Jr.  Originalism, Federalism, and the American Constitutional Enterprise: A Historical Inquiry. . . . pp.774-778. 

Spitzer, Robert J.  Saving the Constitution from Lawyers: How Legal Training and Law Reviews Distort Constitutional Meaning. . . . pp.779-783.   

Vaughan, Barry, and Shane Kilcommins. Terrorism, Rights and the Rule of Law: Negotiating Justice in Ireland. . . . pp.784-787.

Basson, Lauren L.  White Enough To Be An American? Race Mixing, Indigenous People, And the Boundaries of State And Nation. . . . pp.788-791. 

Shah, Niaz A.  Self-Defense in Islamic and International Law: Assessing Al-Qaeda and the Invasion of Iraq. . . . pp.792-797. 

Spiro, Peter J.  Beyond Citizenship: American Identity After Globalization. . . . pp.798-801. 

Taylor, Matthew M.  Judging Policy: Courts and Policy Reform in Democratic Brazil. . . . pp.802-805. 

Woodhouse, Barbara Bennett.  Hidden in Plain Sight: The Tragedy of Children’s Rights from Ben Franklin to Lionel Tate. . . . pp.806-810.

Gerhardt, Michael J.  The Power of Precedent. . . . pp.811-821. 

Pfiffner, James P.  Power Play: The Bush Presidency and the Constitution. . . . pp.822-825. 

Rodrigues, Ricardo Jose Pereira. The Preeminence of Politics: Executive Orders from Eisenhower to Clinton. . . . pp.826-829. 

Rotunda, Kyndra Miller.  Honor Bound: Inside the Guantanamo Trials. . . . pp.830-833.

Griffin, James.  On Human Rights. . . . pp.834-837. 

Harpwood, Vivienne H.  Medicine, Malpractice, and Misapprehensions. . . . pp.838-841. 

Kleinig, John.  Ethics and Criminal Justice. An Introduction. . . . pp.842-844. 

Nuijten, Monique, and Gerhard Anders (eds).  Corruption and the Secret of Law: A Legal Anthropological Perspective. . . . pp.845-847. 

Revesz, Richard L., and Michael A. Livermore. Retaking Rationality: How Cost-Benefit Analysis Can Better Protect the Environment and Our Health. . . . pp.848-853. 

Scherer, Mark R.  Rights in the Balance:  Free Press, Fair Trial, and Nebraska Press Association v. Stuart. . . . pp.854-858. 

Vol. 18, No. 10 October 2008

Dudas, Jeffrey R. The Cultivation of Resentment: Treaty Rights and the New Right. . . . pp.859-862. 

Dudziak, Mary L.  Exporting American Dreams: Thurgood Marshall’s African Journey. . . . pp.863-866. 

Garry, Patrick M.  An Entrenched Legacy: How The New Deal Constitutional Revolution Continues To Shape The Role Of The Supreme Court. . . . pp.867-870.   

Halliday, Terrence C., Lucien Karpik and Malcolm M. Feeley (eds).  Fighting For Political Freedom: Comparative Studies of the Legal Complex and Political Liberalism. . . . pp.871-876. 

Persily, Nathaniel, Jack Citrin, and Patrick J. Egan (eds).  Public Opinion and Constitutional Controversy. . . . pp.877-880.

 Seymour, David M.  Law, Antisemitism and the Holocaust. . . . pp.881-883.

Alexander, Gregory S.  The Global Debate over Constitutional Property:  Lessons for American Takings Jurisprudence. . . . pp.884-897. 

Burgess, Susan.  The Founding Fathers, Pop Culture, And Constitutional Law: Who’s Your Daddy? . . . . pp.898-901. 

Dauvergne, Catherine.  Making People Illegal: What Globalization Means for Migration and Law. . . . pp.902-910. 

Solove, Daniel J.  Understanding Privacy. . . . pp.911-915. 

Speidel, Richard E.  Contracts in Crises: Excuse Doctrine and Retrospective Government Acts. . . . pp.916-919.

Banner, Stuart.  Possessing the Pacific: Land, Settlers, and Indigenous People from Australia to Alaska. . . . pp.920-923. 

Bishop, Ronald.  Taking on the Pledge of Allegiance: the News Media and Michael Newdow’s Constitutional Challenge. . . . pp.924-927. 

Eisgruber, Christopher L.  The Next Justice: Repairing the Supreme Court Appointments Process. . . . pp.928-932. 

Fletcher, George P., and Jens David Ohlin.  Defending Humanity: When Force Is Justified and Why. . . . pp.933-936. 

Halbrook, Stephen P.  The Founders’ Second Amendment: Origins of the Right to Bear Arms. . . . pp.937-941. 

Picker, Colin B., Isabella D. Bunn, and Douglas W. Arner (eds).  International Economic Law:  The State and Future of the Discipline. . . . pp.942-947.

Clark, Ian.  International Legitimacy and World Society. . . . pp.948-951. 

Goldman, Stephen M.  Temptations in the Office: Ethical Choices and Legal Obligations. . . . pp.952-955. 

Goldsmith, Jack.  The Terror Presidency: Law and Judgment inside the Bush Administration. . . . pp.956-964. 

Peskin, Victor A.  International Justice in Rwanda and the Balkans, Virtual Trials and the Struggle for State Cooperation. . . . pp.965-968. 

Powell, H. Jefferson.  Constitutional Conscience: The Moral Dimension of Judicial Decision. . . . pp.969-974. 

Veitch, Scott.  Law and Irresponsibility: On the Legitimation of Human Suffering. . . . pp.975-976.

Vol. 18, No. 11 November 2008

Bederman, David J.  The Classical Foundations of the American Constitution: Prevailing Wisdom. . . . pp.976-980.

Ellis, Richard E. Aggressive Nationalism: McCulloch v. Maryland and the Foundation of Federal Authority in the Young Republic. . . . pp.981-984. 

Hackney, James R., Jr. Under Cover of Science: American Legal-Economic Theory and the Quest for Objectivity. . . . pp.985-986. 

Leyland, Peter.  The Constitution of the United Kingdom: A Contextual Analysis. . . . pp.987-989. 

Scott, Joan Wallach. The Politics of the Veil. . . . pp.990-993.

Blair, Peggy J. Lament for a First Nation: The Williams Treaties of Southern Ontario. . . . pp.994-997. 

Deflem, Mathew. Sociology of Law: Visions of a Scholarly Tradition. . . . pp.998-1000. 

Feener, R. Michael, and Mark E. Cammack (eds). Islamic Law in Contemporary Indonesia: Ideas and Institutions. . . . pp.1001-1006. 

Martin, Francisco Forrest.  The Constitution as Treaty: The International Legal Constructionist Approach to the U.S. Constitution. . . . pp.1007-1011. 

Peacock, Anthony A. Deconstructing the Republic: Voting Rights, The Supreme Court, and the Founders’ Republicanism  Reconsidered. . . . pp.1012-1015.

Feldman, Noah. The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State. . . . pp.1016-1019. 

Lytton, Timothy D. Holding Bishops Accountable: How Lawsuits Helped the Catholic Church Confront Clergy Sexual Abuse. . . . pp.1020-1024. 

Thomas, George C., III. The Supreme Court on Trial: How the American Justice System Sacrifices Innocent Defendants. . . . pp.1025-1028.

Vickers, Lucy. Religious Freedom, Religious Discrimination, and the Workplace. . . . pp.1029-1033.

Davey, Joseph Dillon.  The Bill Of Rights Today: Constitutional Limits on the Powers of Government. . . . pp.1034-1038.  

Huscroft, Grant (ed).  Expounding the Constitution: Essays in Constitutional Theory. . . . pp.1039-1044. 

Rosenberg, Gerald N.  The Hollow Hope: Can Courts Bring About Social Change? (2nd ed.). . . . pp.1045-1054. 

Villa, Dana.  Public Freedom. . . . pp.1055-1057. 

Winburn, Jonathan.  The Realities of Redistricting: Following the Rules and Limiting Gerrymandering in State Legislative Redistricting. . . . pp.1058-1060.

Vol. 18, No. 12 December 2008

Feeley, Malcolm M., and Edward Rubin.  Federalism: Political Identity and Tragic Compromise. . . . pp.1061-1063. 

Neff, Stephen C.  War and the Law of Nations; A General History. . . . pp.1064-1068. 

Rayside, David.  Queer Inclusions, Continental Divisions: Public Recognition of Sexual Diversity in Canada and the United States. . . . pp.1069-1073. 

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