Reviews Listed by Volume and Number: Volume 17 (2007)

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Vol. 17, No. 1 January 2007

Gibson, E. Kay.  Brutality on Trial: “Hellfire” Pedersen, “Fighting” Hansen, And the Seamen’s Act Of 1915. . . . pp.1-4.  

Gorsuch, Neil M.  The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia. . . . pp.5-10. 

White, James Boyd.  Living Speech: Resisting the Empire of Force. . . . pp.11-14.

Arluke, Arnold.  Brute Force: Animal Police and the Challenge of Cruelty. . . . pp.15-24. 

Hauser, Marc D., Fiery Cushman, and Matthew Kamen (eds).  People, Property, Or Pets?. . . . pp.15-24. 

Sunstein, Cass R., and Martha C. Nussbaum (eds).  Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions. . . . pp.15-24. 

Ball, Howard.  Justice in Mississippi:  The Murder Trial of Edgar Ray Killen. . . . pp.25-28.  

Laufer, William S.  Corporate Bodies And Guilty Minds: The Failure Of Corporate Criminal Liability. . . . pp.29-32.  

Levinson, Sanford.  Our Undemocratic Constitution: Where The Constitution Goes Wrong (And How We The People Can Correct It). . . . pp.33-39.

Bloemraad, Irene.  Becoming A Citizen; Incorporating Immigrants And Refugees In The United States And Canada. . . . pp.40-43.  

Fiss, Owen M.  Troubled Beginnings Of The Modern State, 1888-1910. . . . pp.44-47. 

Wicks, Elizabeth.  The Evolution Of A Constitution:  Eight Key Moments In British Constitutional History. . . . pp.48-50. 

Wood, Jennifer, and Benoît Dupont (eds).  Democracy, Society And The Governance Of Security. . . . pp.51-55.

Anderson, Terry L., Bruce Benson, and Thomas Flanagan (eds).  Self-Determination: The Other Path For Native Americans. . . . pp.56-60.  

Bauman Richard W., and Tsvi Kahana (eds). The Least Examined Branch: The Role of Legislatures in the Constitutional State. . . . pp.61-65. 

Segal Diascro, Jennifer, and Gregg Ivers (eds.).  Inside The Judicial Process: A Contemporary Reader in Law, Politics, and the Courts. . . . pp.66-70. 

Greenawalt, Kent. Religion and the Constitution: Volume 1: Free Exercise and Fairness. . . . pp.71-74.

Vol. 17, No. 2 February 2007

Burrage, Michael.  Revolution and the Making of the Contemporary Legal Profession: England, France, and the United States. . . . pp.75-80.  

Deflem, Mathieu (ed).  Sociological Theory and Criminological Research: Views from Europe and the United States. . . . pp.81-86. 

Fried, Charles.  Modern Liberty and the Limits of Government. . . . pp.87-91.  

Halley, Janet.  Split Decisions: How And Why To Take A Break From Feminism. . . . pp.92-95. 

Staab, James B.  The Political Thought of Justice Antonin Scalia: A Hamiltonian on the Supreme Court. . . . pp.96-100. 

Subedi, Surya P.  Dynamics Of Foreign Policy And Law:  A Study Of Indo-Nepal Relations. . . . pp.101-103.

Cranor, Carl F.  Toxic Torts: Science, Law, and the Possibility of Justice. . . . pp.104-108. 

Dubber, Markus Dirk.  The Sense of Justice:  Empathy in Law and Punishment. . . . pp.109-112. 

Elkin, Stephen L.  Reconstructing the Commercial Republic: Constitutional Design after Madison. . . . pp.113-117.  

Scheingold, Stuart A. (ed).  Legality and Democracy: Contested Affinities. . . . pp.118-121.  

Walker, Clive, and James Broderick. The Civil Contingencies Act 2004:  Risk, Resillience, and the Law in the United Kingdom. . . . pp.122-124.

Bennett, Colin J., and Charles D. Raab. The Governance of Privacy: Policy Instruments in Global Perspective. . . . pp.125-128.  

Dowdle, Michael (ed).  Public Accountabilty: Designs, Dilemmas, and Experiences. . . . pp.129-137. 

Haney López, Ian.   White by Law:  The Legal Construction of Race, Revised and Updated, 10th Anniversary Edition. . . . pp.138-140. 

Shandler, Nina.  The Strange Case Of Hellish Nell: The Story Of Helen Duncan And The Witch Trial Of World War II. . . . pp.141-142. 

Stark, Barbara.  International Family Law:  An Introduction. . . . pp.143-146. 

White, Welsh S.  Litigating in the Shadow of Death: Defense Attorneys in Capital Cases. . . . pp.147-149.

Ackerman, Bruce.  Before The Next Attack:  Preserving Civil Liberties in an Age of Terrorism. . . . pp.150-152. 

Fox, Merritt B., and Michael A. Heller (eds). Corporate Governance Lessons from Transition Economy Reforms. . . . pp.153-161. 

Kostal, R.W.  A Jurisprudence of Power: Victorian Empire and the Rule of Law. . . . pp.162-165. 

Roosevelt, Kermit, III.  The Myth of Judicial Activism: Making Sense of Supreme Court Decisions. . . . pp.166-171. 

Soltero, Carlos R.  Latinos and American Law:  Landmark Supreme Court Cases. . . . pp.172-175. 

Sparrow, Bartholomew H.  The Insular Cases and the Emergence of American Empire. . . . pp.176-180. 

Tamanaha, Brian Z.  Law as a Means to an End: Threat to the Rule of Law. . . . pp.181-184. 

Mossman, Mary Jane.  The First Women Lawyers: A Comparative Study of Gender, Law and the Legal Professions. . . . pp.185-187.

Vol. 17, No. 3 March 2007

Ergül, Ozan (ed). Democracy and the Judiciary. . . . pp.188-190. 

Kellough, J. Edward.  Understanding Affirmative Action: Politics, Discrimination, and the Search for Justice. . . . pp.191-195. 

Kreml, William P. The Twenty-First Century Left: Cognitions in the Constitution and Why Buckley Is Wrong. . . . pp.196-200. 

Lutz, Donald S. Principles of Constitutional Design. . . . pp.201-204.  

Posner, Richard A.  Not a Suicide Pact: The Constitution in a Time of National Emergency. . . . pp.205-207. 

Waters, Christopher P.M. (ed).  The State of the Law in the South Caucasus. . . . pp.208-211.

Balkin, Jack M., and Beth Simone Noveck (eds).  The State Of Play: Law, Games, and Virtual Worlds. . . . pp.212-215. 

Currah, Paisley, Richard M. Juang, and Shannon Price Minter (eds).  Transgender Rights. . . . pp.216-220. 

Freeman, Mark.  Truth Commissions and Procedural Fairness. . . . pp.221-223. 

McAffee, Thomas B., Jay S. Bybee, and Christopher Bryant.  Powers Reserved For the People and the States: A History of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. . . . pp.224-228. 

Roht-Arriaza, Naomi, and Javier Mariezcurrena (eds).  Transitional Justice In The Twenty-First Century: Beyond Truth Versus Justice. . . . pp.229-232. 

Thomson, Robert, Frans Stokman, Christopher Achen, and Thomas Konig (eds).  The European Union Decides. . . . pp.233-236. 

Wilson, Robin Fretwell (ed).  Reconceiving The Family:  Critique On The American Law Institute’s Principles Of The Law Of Family Dissolutio. . . . pp.237-239.

Bosniak, Linda.  The Citizen and the Alien: Dilemmas of Contemporary Membership. . . . pp.240-242. 

Campbell, Tom, Jeffrey Goldsworthy And Adrienne Stone (eds).  Protecting Rights without a Bill Of Rights:  Institutional Performance and Reform in Australia. . . . pp. 243-245.   

Juss, Satvinder Singh.  International Migration and Global Justice. . . . pp.246-249. 

Koppelman, Andrew.  Same Sex, Different States: When Same-Sex Marriages Cross State Lines. . . . pp.250-254. 

Marietta, Jack D., and G.S. Rowe.  Troubled Experiment:  Crime And Justice In Pennsylvania, 1682-1800. . . . pp.255-258.

Kelsen, Hans.  General Theory of Law and State. . . . pp.259-262. (This review is also available in French.) 

Laursen, Andreas.  Changing International Law to Met New Challenges: Interpretation, Modification and the Use of Force. . . . pp.263-272.   

Rogers, James R., Roy B. Flemming, and Jon R. Bond (eds).  Institutional Games and the U.S. Supreme Court. . . . pp.273-276. 

Sarat, Austin, Lawrence Douglas, and Martha Merrill Umphrey (eds).  How Law Knows. . . . pp.277-281. 

Taslitz, Andrew E.  Reconstructing the Fourth Amendment:  A History of Search and Seizure, 1789-1868. . . . pp.282-285.

Vol. 17, No. 4 April 2007

Anastaplo, George.  Reflections on Constitutional Law. . . . pp.286-289. 

Epstein, Richard A.  Overdose: How Excessive Government Regulation Stifles Pharmaceutical Innovation. . . . pp.290-293.  

Tolley, Sara-Larus.  Quest for Tribal Acknowledgment: California’s Honey Lake Maidus. . . . pp.294-296. 

Zimmerman, Joseph.  Interstate Disputes: The Supreme Court’s Original Jurisdiction. . . . pp.297-299.

Caudill, David S., and Lewis H. Larue. No Magic Wand: The Idealization of Science in Law. . . . pp.300-303. 

Cotterrell, Roger.  Law, Culture and Society. Legal Ideas in the Mirror of Social Theory. . . . pp.304-307. 

Cubano Iguina, Astrid.  Rituals of Violence in Nineteenth-Century Puerto Rico: Individual Conflict, Gender, and the Law. . . . pp.308-311. 

Ogletree, Jr., Charles J., and Austin Sarat (eds). From Lynch Mobs to the Killing State: Race and the Death Penalty in America. . . . pp.312-317.

Brown, Wendy.  Regulating Aversion: Tolerance in the Age of Identity and Empire. . . . pp.318-325. 

Janus, Eric S.  Failure to Protect: America’s Sexual Predator Laws and the Rise of the Preventive State. . . . pp.326-333. 

Klein, Woody (ed).  Liberties Lost: The Endangered Legacy Of The ACLU. . . . pp.334-339. 

Sracic, Paul A.  San Antonio v. Rodriguez and the Pursuit of Equal Education: The Debate over Discrimination and School Funding. . . . pp.340-342.

Gagarin, Michael, and David Cohen (eds).  The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Greek Law. . . . pp.343-346. 

Grad, Frank P., and Robert F. Williams.  State Constitutions for the Twenty-First Century. Volume 2, Drafting State Constitutions, Revisions, and Amendments. . . . pp.347-357. 

Tarr, G. Alan, and Robert F. Williams (eds).  State Constitutions for the Twenty-First Century.  Volume 1, The Politics Of State Constitutional Reform. . . . pp.347-357.  

Tarr, G. Alan, and Robert F. Williams (eds).  State Constitutions for the Twenty-First Century. Volume 3, The Agenda Of State Constitutional Reform. . . . pp.347-357.

Vol. 17, No. 5 May 2007

Peerenboom, Randall, Carole J. Petersen, and Albert H. Y. Chen (eds).  Human Rights in Asia: A Comparative Legal Study of Twelve Asian Jurisdictions, France and the USA. . . . pp.358-360. 

Skogan, Wesley G.  Police and Community in Chicago: A Tale of Three Cities. . . . pp.361-365.

Allison, William Thomas.  Military Justice in Vietnam:  The Rule of Law in an American War. . . . pp.366-368. 

Handler, Joel F., and Yeheskel Hasenfeld.  Blame Welfare, Ignore Poverty And Inequality. . . . pp.369-371.

Baker, C. Edwin.  Media Concentration And Democracy: Why Ownership Matters. . . . pp.372-375. 

Gearty, Conor.  Can Human Rights Survive?. . . . pp.376-382. 

Heminway, Joan Mcleod (ed).  Martha Stewart’s Legal Troubles. . . . pp.383-386.

Gross, Emanuel.  The Struggle of Democracy against Terrorism: Lessons from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel. . . . pp.387-394. 

Kelly, Tobias.  Law, Violence and Sovereignty among West Bank Palestinians. . . . pp.395-398. 

Kenyon, Andrew T.,  and Megan Richardson (eds).  New Dimensions in Privacy Law: International and Comparative Perspectives. . . . pp. 399-403. 

Klosek, Jacqueline.  The War on Privacy. . . . pp. 404-407. 

Waluchow, W.J.  A Common Law Theory of Judicial Review:  The Living Tree. . . . pp.408-412.

Vol. 17, No. 6 June 2007

Ferraro, Kathleen J.  Neither Angels Nor Demons: Women, Crime And Victimization. . . . pp.413-415. 

Magliocca, Gerard N.  Andrew Jackson and the Constitution: The Rise and Fall of Generational Regimes. . . . pp.416-418. 

Zietlow, Rebecca E.  Enforcing Equality: Congress, the Constitution, and the Protection of Individual Rights. . . . pp.419-423.

Curry, Lynne.  The Deshaney Case: Child Abuse, Family Rights, and the Dilemma of State Intervention. . . . pp.455-457. 

Leiper, Jean Mckenzie.  Bar Codes: Women in the Legal Profession. . . . pp.458-461. 

Mezey, Susan Gluck.  Queers in Court:  Gay Rights Law and Public Policy. . . . pp.462-467. 

Murphy, Walter F.  Constitutional Democracy: Creating and Maintaining a Just Political Order. . . . pp.468-472. 

Pinello, Daniel R.  America’s Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage. . . . pp.473-476. 

White, G. Edward.  History and the Constitution: Collected Essays. . . . pp.477-480.

Edge, Peter W.  Religion and Law: An Introduction. . . . pp.481-482.

Kateb, George.  Patriotism and Other Mistakes. . . . pp.483-487.

Mattila, Keikki E.S.  Comparative Legal Linguistics. . . . pp.488-490. 

Schlossman, Steven L.  Transforming Juvenile Justice: Reform Ideals and Institutional Realities, 1825-1920. . . . pp.491-494. 

Shepard, Kris.  Rationing Justice: Poverty Lawyers and Poor People in the Deep South. . . . pp.495-498.

Greenburg, Jan Crawford.   Supreme Conflict:  The Inside Story Of The Struggle For Control Of The United States Supreme Court. . . . pp.499-501.  

Weber, Mark C.  Disability Harassment. . . . pp.502-503.

Choudhry, Sujit (ed).  The Migration of Constitutional Ideas. . . . pp.504-507. 

Gross, Oren, and Fionnuala Ní Aoláin.  Law in Times of Crisis: Emergency Powers in Theory And Practice. . . . pp.508-515. 

Helland, Eric, and Alexander Tabarrok.  Judge and Jury: American Tort Law on Trial. . . . pp.516-518. 

Rodes, Robert E., Jr.  On Law and Chastity. . . . pp.519-522.

Sarat, Austin, and Nasser Hussain (eds).  Forgiveness, Mercy, and Clemency. . . . pp.523-529.

Vol. 17, No. 7 July 2007

Dyzenhaus, David.   The Constitution of Law: Legality in a Time of Emergency. . . . pp.530-533. 

Harcourt, Bernard E.  Against Prediction:  Profiling, Policing, and Punishing In an Actuarial Age. . . . pp.534-537. 

Luna-Firebaugh, Eileen.   Tribal Policing: Asserting Sovereignty, Seeking Justice. . . . pp.538-541. 

Motomura, Hiroshi.   Americans in Waiting: The Lost Story of Immigration and Citizenship in the United States. . . . pp.542-545. 

Orford, Anne (ed).  International Law and Its Others. . . . pp.546-549. 

Scharf, Michael P., and Gregory S. McNeal.  Saddam on Trial: Understanding and Debating the Iraqi High Tribunal. . . . pp.550-554.

Fagelson, David.  Justice as Integrity: Tolerance and the Moral Momentum of Law. . . . pp.555-561.

Holzer, Henry Mark.  The Supreme Court Opinions of Clarence Thomas, 1991-2006:  A Conservative’s Perspective. . . . pp.562-568.

 Kushner, James A.  Healthy Cities: The Intersection Of Urban Planning, Law And Health. . . . pp.569-571.

 Simon, Jonathan.  Governing Through Crime:  How The War On Crime Transformed American Democracy And Created A Culture Of Fear. . . . pp.572-574.

 Whinston, Michael D.  Lectures on Antitrust Economics. . . . pp.575-576.

Beyleveld, Deryck, and Roger Brownsword. Consent in the Law. . . . pp.577-581. 

Hamilton, Daniel W.  The Limits of Sovereignty: Property Confiscation in the Union and the Confederacy during the Civil War. . . . pp.582-583. 

Stein, Harry H.  Gus J. Solomon: Liberal Politics, Jews, and the Federal Courts. . . . pp.584-587. 

Streb, Matthew J. (ed).  Running For Judge:  The Rising Political, Financial, and Legal Stakes of Judicial Elections. . . . pp.588-590.

Anastaplo, George.  Reflections on Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment. . . . pp.591-601. 

Grisham, John.  The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town. . . . pp.602-608. 

MacNeil, William P.  Lex Populi: The Jurisprudence of Popular Culture. . . . pp.609-611. 

Manley, II, Walter W., and Canter Brown, Jr.  The Supreme Court Of Florida, 1917-1972. . . . pp.612-614. 

Perry, Michael J.  Toward A Theory Of Human Rights: Religion, Law, And Courts. . . . pp.615-619. 

Zurn, Christopher F. Deliberative Democracy and the Institutions of Judicial Review. . . . pp.620-623.

Vol. 17, No. 8 August 2007

Acker, James R., and David Reed Karp (eds).  Wounds That Do Not Bind: Victim-Based Perspectives on the Death Penalty. . . . pp.624-628. 

Dubber, Markus D., and Mariana Valverde (eds).  The New Police Science: The Police Power in Domestic and International Governance. . . . pp.629-633. 

Lyons, William, and Julie Drew.  Punishing Schools: Fear and Citizenship in American Public Education. . . . pp.634-638. 

Ross, Willam G.  The Chief Justiceship of Charles Evans Hughes, 1930-1941. . . . pp.639-643. 

Whittington, Keith E.  Political Foundations of Judicial Supremacy: The Presidency, the Supreme Court, and Constitutional Leadership in U.S. History. . . . pp.644-648.

Barzilai, Gad (ed).  Law and Religion. . . . pp.649-650. 

Daalder, Ivo H. (ed).  Beyond Preemption: Force And Legitimacy In A Changing World. . . . pp.651-654. 

Gibson, Alan.  Understanding the Founding: The Crucial Questions. . . . pp.655-658.  

Goluboff, Risa L.  The Lost Promise of Civil Rights. . . . pp.659-662. 

Greenfield, Kent.  The Failure of Corporate Law: Fundamental Flaws and Progressive Possibilities. . . . pp.663-668. 

Maltz, Earl M.  Dred Scott and the Politics of Slavery. . . . pp.669-674. 

Rosen, Jeffrey.  The Most Democratic Branch: How The Courts Serve America. . . . pp.675-681.

Davis, Angela J.  Arbitrary Justice: The Power of the American Prosecutor. . . . pp.682-685. 

Dayan, Colin.  The Story of Cruel and Unusual. . . . pp.686-688. 

Dierenfield, Bruce J.  The Battle Over School Prayer: How Engel v. Vitale Changed America. . . . pp.689-692. 

Hing, Bill Ong.  Deporting Our Souls: Values, Morality, and Immigration Policy. . . . pp.693-695. 

Posner, Eric A., and Adrian Vermeule.  Terror in the Balance: Security, Liberty, and the Courts. . . . pp.696-700.

Baird, Vanessa A.  Answering The Call Of The Court: How Justices And Litigants Set The Supreme Court Agenda. . . . pp.701-704. 

Kreitner, Roy.   Calculating Promises: The Emergence Of Modern American Contract Doctrine. . . . pp.705-712. 

Menski, Werner F.  Comparative Law In A Global Context: The Legal Systems Of Asia And Africa (2nd ed). . . . pp.713-719. 

Murchison, Kenneth M.  The Snail Darter Case: TVA Versus The Endangered Species Act. . . . pp.720-723.

Vol. 17, No. 9 September 2007

Anastaplo, George.  The Constitutionalist: Notes on the First Amendment. . . . pp.724-726. 

Baker, James E.  In The Common Defense: National Security Law for Perilous Times. . . . pp.727-730.

Eekelaar, John.  Family Law And Personal Life. . . . pp.731-732.  

MacMaoláin, Caoimhín.  EU Food Law:  Protecting Consumers and Health in a Common Market. . . . pp.733-736. 

Nemacheck, Christine L.  Strategic Selection: Presidential Nomination Of Supreme Court Justices From Herbert Hoover Through George W. Bush. . . . pp.737-741. 

Williams, Mark.  Competition Policy and Law in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. . . . pp.742-744.

Drumbl, Mark A.  Atrocity, Punishment, And International Law. . . . pp.745-747. 

Hammer, Leonard M.  A Foucauldian Approach To International Law: Descriptive Thoughts For Normative Issues. . . . pp.748-752. 

Hunt, Lynn.  Inventing Human Rights: A History. . . . pp.753-755. 

Lau, Estelle T.  Paper Families: Identity, Immigration Administration, and Chinese Exclusion. . . . pp.756-759.

McCool, Daniel, Susan M. Olson, and Jennifer L. Robinson.  Native Vote: American Indians, The Voting Rights Act, And The Right To Vote. . . . pp.760-763. 

Mitchell, Dalia Tsuk.  Architect of Justice:  Felix S. Cohen and the Founding Of American Legal Pluralism. . . . pp.764-767. 

Moustafa, Tamir.  The Struggle for Constitutional Power:  Law, Politics, and Economic Development in Egypt. . . . pp.768-771.  

Norgren, Jill.  Belva Lockwood: The Woman Who Would Be President. . . . pp.772-774.

Vol. 17, No. 10 October 2007

Barak-Erez, Daphne.  Outlawed Pigs:  Law, Religion, and Culture in Israel. . . . pp.775-776. 

Benidickson, Jamie.  The Culture of Flushing: A Social and Legal History of Sewage. . . . pp.777-780. 

Stone, Geoffrey R.  War and Liberty: An American Dilemma: 1790 to the Present. . . . pp.781-783.

DiMatteo, Larry A., Robert A. Prentice, Blake D. Morant, and Daniel D. Barnhizer.  Visions of Contract Theory: Rationality, Bargaining, and Interpretation. . . . pp.783-787. 

Veitch, Scott (ed).  Law and the Politics of Reconciliation. . . . pp788-792.

Brophy, Alfred L.  Reparations: Pro and Con. . . . pp.793-995. 

Combs, Nancy Amoury.  Guilty Pleas in International Criminal Law: Constructing a Restorative Justice Approach. . . . pp.796-799.

Schwartzberg, Melissa.   Democracy and Legal Change. . . . pp.800-803. 

Segal, Jeffrey A., Harold J. Spaeth, and Sara C. Benesh.  The Supreme Court in the American Legal System. . . . pp.804-807. 

Silverstein., Helena.  Girls On The Stand: How Courts Fail Pregnant Minors. . . . pp.808-810.

Vol. 17, No. 11 November 2007

Banks, Christopher P., and David M. O’Brien.  Courts and Judicial Policymaking. . . . pp.811-813. 

Sarat, Austin, Lawrence Douglas, and Martha Merrill Umphrey (eds). Law and Catastrophe. . . . pp.814-815. 

Skirl, Miguel.  Politik – Wesen, Wiederkehr, Entlastung. . . . pp.816-824.

Heidensohn, Frances (ed).   Gender and Justice: New Concepts and Approaches. . . . pp.825-826.

Irons, Peter.  God on Trial: Dispatches from America’s Religious Battlefields. . . . pp.827-830.

 Ramsey, Michael D.  The Constitution’s Text in Foreign Affairs. . . . pp.831-834. 

Schabas, William A.  The UN International Criminal Tribunals: The Former Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. . . . pp.835-839.

Cross, Frank B.  Decision Making in the U.S. Courts of Appeals. . . . pp.840-842. 

McClurg, Andrew, Adem Koyuncu, and Luis Eduardo Sprovieri.  Practical Global Tort Litigation: United States, Germany and Argentina. . . . pp.843-845. 

McCord, Joan.  Crime and Family: Selected Essays of Joan McCord. . . . pp.846-850. 

Perry, Barbara A.  The Michigan Affirmative Action Cases. . . . pp.851-855. 

Gillespie, Tarleton.  Wired Shut: Copyright and the Shape of Digital Culture. . . . pp.856-859. 

Kojève, Alexandre.  Outline of a Phenomenology of Right. . . . pp.860-863. 

Parry-Giles, Trevor.  The Character of Justice: Rhetoric, Law and Politics in the Supreme Court Confirmation Process. . . . pp864-867.   

Verkuil, Paul R.  Outsourcing Sovereignty: Why Privatization Of Government Functions Threatens Democracy And What We Can Do About It. . . . pp.868-872.  

Waters, Christopher P.M. (ed).  British and Canadian Perspectives on International Law. . . . pp.873-876.

Booknotices. . . . pp.877-897.

Vol. 17, No. 12 December 2007

Goold, Benjamin J.,. and Liora Lazarus (eds).  Security and Human Rights. . . . pp.898-900.

 Zelden, Charles L. (ed).  The Judicial Branch Of Federal Government: People, Process, and Politics. . . . pp.901-903.

Gillespie, John Stanley.  Transplanting Commercial Law Reform: Developing A Rule Of Law In Vietnam. . . . pp.904-905.

 Ravitch, Frank S.  Masters of Illusion: The Supreme Court and the Religion Clauses. . . . pp.906-908.

 Solove, Daniel J.  The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet. . . . pp.909-912.

 Swain, Carol (ed).  Debating Immigration. . . . pp.913-917.


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