Reviews Listed by Volume and Number: Volume 12 (20012)

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Number 1 (January 2002): Cates, Cynthia L. and Wayne V. McIntosh. Law and the Web of Society.

Number 1 (January 2002): Denvir, John. Democracy's Constitution: Claiming the Privileges of American Citizenship.

Number 1 (January 2002): Dussich, John P. J., Paul C. Friday, Takayuki Okada, Akira Yamagami, and Richard D. Knudten. Different Responses to Violence in Japan and America.

Number 1 (January 2002): Eisgruber, Christopher L. Constitutional Self-Government.

Number 1 (January 2002): Hillyard, Daniel and John Dombrink. Dying Right: The Death with Dignity Movement.

Number 1 (January 2002): Hull, N. E. H. and Peter Charles Hoffer. Roe v. Wade: The Abortion Rights Controversy in American History.

Number 1 (January 2002): Kagan, Robert A. Adversarial Legalism: The American Way of Law.

Number 1 (January 2002): Koenig, Thomas H. and Michael L. Rustad. In Defense of Tort Law.

Number 1 (January 2002): Kraska, Peter B. (ed.). Militarizing the American Criminal Justice System.

Number 1 (January 2002): Manaster, Kenneth A. Illinois Justice: The Scandal of 1969 and the Rise of John Paul Stevens.

Number 1 (January 2002): Pacelle, Jr., Richard L. The Role of the Supreme Court in American Politics: The Least Dangerous Branch?

Number 1 (January 2002): Posner, Richard A. Frontiers of Legal Theory.

Number 1 (January 2002): Reed, Douglas S. On Equal Terms: The Constitutional Politics of Educational Opportunity.

Number 1 (January 2002): Robinson, Paul H. Would You Convict?: Seventeen Cases that Challenged the Law.

Number 1 (January 2002): Spitzer, Robert J. The Right to Bear Arms: Rights and Liberties Under the Law.

Number 1 (January 2002): Sullivan, Dennis and Larry Tifft. Restorative Justice: Healing the Foundations of Our Everyday Lives.

Number 1 (January 2002): Welner, Kevin G. Legal Rights, Local Wrongs: When Community Control Collides with Educational Equity.

Number 2 (February 2002): Anderson, Ellen. Judging Bertha Wilson: Law as Large as Life.

Number 2 (February 2002): Burns, Robert P. A Theory of the Trial.

Number 2 (February 2002): Ely, James W. Jr. Railroads and American Law.

Number 2 (February 2002): Gilliom, John. Overseers of the Poor: Surveillance, Resistance, and the Limits of Privacy.

Number 2 (February 2002): Glennon, Michael J. Limits of Law, Prerogatives of Power: Interventionism After Kosovo.

Number 2 (February 2002): Goldberg, David Theo, Michael Musheno, and Lisa C. Bower (eds.). Between Law and Culture: Relocating Legal Studies.

Number 2 (February 2002): Goldstein, Judith, Miles Kahler, Robert O. Keohane, and Anne-Marie Slaughter (eds.). Legalization and World Politics.

Number 2 (February 2002): Goldstein, Leslie Freidman. Constituting Federal Sovereignty: The European Union in Comparative Context.

Number 2 (February 2002): Herring, Jonathan (ed.). Family Law: Issues, Debates, Policy.

Number 2 (February 2002): Martin, Robert W. T. The Founding of American Democratic Press Liberty.

Number 2 (February 2002): Menikoff, Jerry. Law and Bioethics: An Introduction.

Number 2 (February 2002): Miller, Lisa L. The Politics of Community Crime Prevention: Implementing Operation Weed and Seed in Seattle.

Number 2 (February 2002): O'Brien, Ruth. Crippled Justice: The History of Modern Disability Policy in the Workplace.

Number 2 (February 2002): Solomon, Jr., Peter H. and Todd S. Foglesong. Courts and Transition in Russia: The Challenge of Judicial Reform.

Number 2 (February 2002): Weitz, Mark A. Clergy Malpractice in America: Nally v. Grace Community Church of the Valley.

Number 3 (March 2002): Ahdar, Rex H. (ed.). Law and Religion.

Number 3 (March 2002): Deere, Carmen Diana and Magdalena Leon. Empowering Women: Land and Property Rights in Latin America.

Number 3 (March 2002): Goldstein, Robert Justin. Flag Burning and Free Speech: The Case of Texas v Johnson.

Number 3 (March 2002): Johnson, David T. The Japanese Way of Justice: Prosecuting Crime in Japan.

Number 3 (March 2002): King, Peter. Crime, Justice, and Discretion in England: 1740-1820.

Number 3 (March 2002): Kraska, Peter B. (ed.). Militarizing the American Criminal Justice System. Response by the editor; reply by the reviewer.

Number 3 (March 2002): Oberweis, Trish and Michael Musheno. Knowing Rights: State Actor's Stories of Power, Identity, and Morality.

Number 3 (March 2002): Ross, Jeffrey Ian. Making News of Police Violence: A Comparative Study of Toronto and New York City.

Number 3 (March 2002): Welch, Michael. Flag Burning: Moral Panic and the Criminalization of Protest.

Number 4 (April 2002): Bollinger, Lee C. and Geoffrey R. Stone (eds.). Eternally Vigilant: Free Speech in the Modern Era.

Number 4 (April 2002): Dixon, Lloyd and Brian Gill. Changes in the Standards for Admitting Expert Evidence in Federal Civil Cases Since the Daubert Decision.

Number 4 (April 2002): Goldberg-Hiller, Jonathan. The Limits To Union: Same-Sex Marriage and the Politics of Civil Rights.

Number 4 (April 2002): Gould IV, William B. Labored Relations: Law, Politics, and the NLRB-A Memoir.

Number 4 (April 2002): Jamieson, Beth Kiyoko. Real Choices: Feminism, Freedom, and the Limits of the Law.

Number 4 (April 2002): Kagan, Robert A. and Lee Axelrad (eds.). Regulatory Encounters: Multinational Corporations and American Adversarial Legalism.

Number 4 (April 2002): Kagan, Robert A., Martin Krygier, and Kenneth Winston (eds.). Legality and Community: On the Intellectual Legacy of Philip Selznick.

Number 4 (April 2002): MacDowell, Laurel Sefton. Renegade Lawyer: The Life of J.L Cohen.

Number 4 (April 2002): Mitchell, Lawrence E. Corporate Irresponsibility: America's Newest Export.

Number 4 (April 2002): Mumford, Ann. Taxing Culture: Towards a Theory of Tax Collection Law.

Number 4 (April 2002): Nagel, Robert F. The Implosion of American Federalism.

Number 4 (April 2002): Nelken, David (ed.). Contrasting Criminal Justice: Getting from Here to There.

Number 4 (April 2002): Nousianinen, Kevat, Asa Gunnarsson, Karin Lundstrom, and Johanna Niemi-Kiesilainen (Eds.). Responsible Selves: Women in the Nordic Legal Culture.

Number 4 (April 2002): Rabin, Robert L. and Stehpen D. Sugarman (eds.). Regulating Tobacco.

Number 4 (April 2002): Riles, Annelise (ed.). Rethinking the Masters of Comparative Law.

Number 4 (April 2002): Tonry, Michael (ed.). Penal Reform in Overcrowded Times.

Number 4 (April 2002): Van Hoy, Jerry. Legal Professions: Work, Structure and Organization.

Number 5 (May 2002): Brockman, Joan. Gender in the Legal Profession: Fitting or Breaking the Mould.

Number 5 (May 2002): Dashwood, Alan and Angus Johnston (eds.). The Future of the Judicual System of the European Union.

Number 5 (May 2002): Dwyer, James G. Vouchers within Reason: A Child-Centered Approach to Education Reform.

Number 5 (May 2002): Eberle, Edward J. Dignity and Liberty: Constitutional Visions in Germany and the United States.

Number 5 (May 2002): Grabosky, Peter, Russell G. Smith, and Gillian Dempsey. Electronic Theft: Unlawful Acqusition in Cyberspace.

Number 5 (May 2002): Harris, Douglas C. Fish, Law, and Colonialism: The Legal Capture of Salmon in British Columbia.

Number 5 (May 2002): Ramos, Efren Rivera. The Legal Construction of Identity: The Judicial and Social Legacy of American Colonialism in Puerto Rico.

Number 5 (May 2002): Sarat, Austin and Stuart R. Scheingold (eds.). Cause Lawyering and the State in a Global Era.

Number 5 (May 2002): Sunstein, Cass R. Designing Democracy: What Constitutions Do.

Number 6 (June 2002): Banner, Stuart. The Death Penalty: An American History.

Number 6 (June 2002): Barber, Sotirios A., Robert P. George (eds.). Constitutional Politics: Essays on Constitution Making, Maintainance, and Change.

Number 6 (June 2002): Biggs, Hazel. Euthanasia: Death with Dignity and the Law.

Number 6 (June 2002): Bogart, W. A. Consequences: The Impact of Law and Its Complexity.

Number 6 (June 2002): Cane, Peter and John Gardner (eds.). Relating to Responsibility: Essays in Honor of Tony Honore on his 80th Birthday.

Number 6 (June 2002): Daniels, Ronald J., Patrick Macklem, and Kent Roach (eds.). The Security of Freedom: Essays on Canada's Anti-Terrorism Bill.

Number 6 (June 2002): Narain, Vrinda. Gender and Community: Muslim Women's Rights in India.

Number 6 (June 2002): Okowa, Phoebe N. State Responsibility for Transboundary Air Pollution in International Law.

Number 6 (June 2002): Stenson, Kevin and Robert P. Sullivan (eds). Crime, Risk and Justice: The Politics of Crime Control in Liberal Democracies.

Number 6 (June 2002): Stephens, Steven Scott. The Uncertainty of Legal Rights.

Number 6 (June 2002): VanBurkleo, Sandra F. "Belonging to the World": Women's Rights and Constitutional Culture.

Number 6 (June 2002): Winter, Steven L. A Clearing in the Forest: Law, Life, and the Mind.

Number 6 (June 2002): Zelden, Charles L. Voting Rights on Trial: A Handbook with Cases, Laws, and Documents.

Number 7 (July 2002): Baez, Benjamin. Affirmative Action, Hate Speech, and Tenure: Narratives About Race, Law, and the Academy.

Number 7 (July 2002): Bogart, W. A. Consequences: The Impact of Law and Its Complexity (Response by the author; Reply by Bradley C. Canon.)

Number 7 (July 2002): Braithwaite, John. Restorative Justice and Responsive Regulation.

Number 7 (July 2002): Campbell, Colton C. and John F. Stack, Jr. (eds). Congress and the Politics of Emerging Rights.

Number 7 (July 2002): Cohen, Jonathan Matthew. Inside Appellate Courts: The Impact of Court Organization on Judicial Decision Making in the United States Courts of Appeals.

Number 7 (July 2002): Eskridge, William N. Jr. Equality Practice: Civil Unions and the Future of Gay Rights.

Number 7 (July 2002): Friedman, Lawrence M. American Law in the Twentieth Century.

Number 7 (July 2002): Galliher, John F., Larry W. Koch, David Patrick Keys, and Teresa J. Guess. America Without the Death Penalty: States Leading the Way.

Number 7 (July 2002): Halpin, Andrew. Reasoning with Law.

Number 7 (July 2002): Heins, Marjorie. Not in Front of the Children: "Indecency," Censorship, and the Innocence of Youth.

Number 7 (July 2002): Jackson, Emily. Regulating Reproduction: Law, Technology and Autonomy.

Number 7 (July 2002): Komesar, Neil K. Law's Limits: The Rule of Law and the Supply and Demand of Rights.

Number 7 (July 2002): Marcosson, Samuel A. Original Sin: Clarence Thomas and the Failure of the Constitutional Conservatives.

Number 7 (July 2002): Sarat, Austin (ed.). Law, Violence, and the Possibility of Justice.

Number 7 (July 2002): Strum, Philippa. Women in the Barracks: The VMI Case and Equal Rights.

Number 7 (July 2002): Thomas, Andrew Peyton. Clarence Thomas: A Biography.

Number 7 (July 2002): Walzer, Lee. Gay Rights on Trial: A Reference Handbook.

Number 8 (August 2002): Bainham, Andrew, Shelly Day Sclater, Martin Richards (eds.). Body Lore and Laws.

Number 8 (August 2002): Blackshield, Tony, Michael Coper, and George Williams (eds.). The Oxford Companion to the High Court of Australia.

Number 8 (August 2002): Brodie, Ian. Friends of the Court: The Privileging of Interest Group Litigants in Canada.

Number 8 (August 2001): Chesterman, Michael. Freedom of Speech in Australian Law: A Delicate Plant.

Number 8 (August 2001): Elliot, Mark. The Constitutional Foundations of Judicial Review.

Number 8 (August 2001): Guild, Elspeth and Carol Harlow (eds.). Implementing Amsterdam: Immigration and Asylum Rights in EC Law.

Number 8 (August 2002): Hiebert, Janet L. Charter Conflicts: What is Parliament's Role?

Number 8 (August 2002): Hutchinson, Dennis J. and David J. Garrow (eds.). The Forgotten Memoir of John Knox: A Year in the Life of a Supreme Court Clerk in FDR's Washington.

Number 8 (August 2002): Kaplow, Louis and Steven Shavell. Fairness Versus Welfare.

Number 8 (August 2002): Killenbeck, Mark R. (ed.). The Tenth Amendment and State Sovereignty.

Number 8 (August 2002): Langer, Laura. Judicial Review in State Supreme Courts: A Comparative Study.

Number 8 (August 2001): Matravers, Matt. Justice and Puniashment: The Rationale of Coercion.

Number 8 (August 2001): Nolan, Jr., James L. Reinventing Justice: The American Drug Court Movement.

Number 8 (August 2001): Perlin, Michael L. The Hidden Prejudice: Mental Disability on Trial.

Number 8 (August 2002): Roach, Kent. The Supreme Court on Trial: Judicial Activism or Democratic Dialogue.

Number 8 (August 2002): Romero, Francine Sanders. Civil Rights Policymaking in the United States: An Institutional Perspective.

Number 8 (August 2001): Ross, Jeffrey Ian (ed.). Varieties of State Crime and its Control.

Number 8 (August 2002): St. Clair, James E. and Linda C. Gugin. Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson of Kentucky: A Political Biography.

Number 8 (August 2001): Sarat, Austin (ed.). Pain, Death, and the Law.

Number 8 (August 2002): Simpson, Sally S. Corporate Crime, Law, and Social Control.

Number 8 (August 2002): VanBurkleo, Sandra F., Kermit L. Hall, and Robert J. Kaczorowski (eds.). Constitutionalism and American Culture: Writing the New Constitutional History.

Number 8 (August 2002): Vestal, Theodore M. The Eisenhower Court and Civil Liberties.

Number 8 (August 2002): Wilkinson, David. Environment and Law.

Number 8 (August 2002): Yalof, David A. and Kenneth Dautrich. The First Amendment and the Media in the Court of Public Opinion.

Number 10 (October 2002): Bell, Jeannine. Policing Hatred: Law Enforcement, Civil Rights, and Hate Crime.

Number 10 (October 2002): Bunker, Matthew D. Critiquing Free Speech: First Amendment Theory and the Challenge of Interdisciplinarity.

Number 10 (October 2002): Burnett, Cathleen. Justice Denied: Clemency Appeals in Death Penalty Cases.

Number 10 (October 2002): Hall, Kermit L. (ed.). The Oxford Companion to American Law.

Number 10 (October 2002): James, Susan and Palmer, Stephanie (Eds.). Visible Women: Essays on Feminist Legal Theory.

Number 10 (October 2002): Mather, Lynn, Craig A. McEwen, and Richard J. Maiman Divorce Lawyers at Work: Varieties of Professionalism in Practice.

Number 10 (October 2002): Merin, Yuval. Quality For Same-Sex Couples: The Legal Recognition of Gay Partnerships in Europe and The United States.

Number 10 (October 2002): Monsma, Stephen V. Church-State Relations in Crisis: Debating Neutrality.

Number 10 (October 2002): Novkov, Julie. Constituting Workers, Protecting Women: Gender Law and Labor in the Progressive Era and New Deal Years.

Number 10 (October 2002): Rogowski, Ralf and Thomas Gawron. Constitutional Courts in Comparison: The U.S. Supreme Court and the German Federal Constitutional Court.

Number 10 (October2002): Ross, Jeffrey Ian and Stephen C. Richards. Behind Bars: Surviving Prison.

Number 11 (November 2002): Felman, Shoshana. The Juridical Unconscious: Trials and Traumas in the Twentieth Century.

Number 11 (November 2002): Hughes, Gordon and Adam Edwards (eds.). Crime Control and Community: The New Politics of Public Safety.

Number 11 (November 2002): Kressel, Neil J and Dorit F. Kressel Stack and Sway: The new Science of Jury Consulting.

Number 11 (November 2002): Maddex, Robert. The U.S. Constitution A to Z.

Number 11 (November 2002): Moore, Erin P. Gender, Law, and Resistance in India.

Number 11 (November 2002): Powell, Jefferson A Community Built on Words: The Constitution in History and Politics

Number 11 (November 2002): Stamatoudi, Irini A. Copyright and Multimedia Works: A Comparative Analysis.

Number 11 (November 2002): Tata, Cyrus and Neil Hutton. Sentencing and Society: International Perspective.

Number 12 (December 2002): Adler, David Gray and Michael A. Genovese(eds.). The Presidency and the Law: The Clinton Legacy..

Number 12 (December 2002): Beer, Lawrence W, and John M. Maki. From Imperial Myth to Democracy: Japan's Two Constitutions, 1899-2002.

Number 12 (December 2002): Benesh, Sara C. The U.S. Courts of Appeals and the Law of Confessions: Perspectives on the Hierarchy of Justice.

Number 12 (December 2002): Burbank, Stephen B and Barry Friedman (eds). Judicial Independence at the Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Approach.

Number 12 (December 2002): Burt, Robert Death is That Man Taking Names: Intersections of American Medicine, Law, and Culture.

Number 12 (December 2002): Cole, Simon A. Suspect Identities: A History of Fingerprinting and Criminal Identification.

Number 12 (December 2002): Ehrlander, Mary F. Equal Educational Opportunity: Brown's Elusive Mandate.

Number 12 (December 2002): Hamburger, Philip. Separation of Church and State.

Number 12 (December 2002): Rozell, Mark J. Executive Privilege: Presidential Power, Secrecy, and Accountability.

Number 12 (December 2002): Samples, John (ed) James Madison and the Future of Limited Government.

Number 12 (December2002): Sarat, Austin, Lawrence Douglas, and Martha Merrill Umphrey (eds). Lives in the Law.

Number 12 (December 2002): Sarat, Austin. When the State Kills: Capital Punishment and the American Condition.

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