Reviews Listed by Volume and Number: Volume 10 (20010)

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Number 1 (January 2000): Baer, Judith A. Our Lives Before the Law: Constructing a Femininist Jurisprudence.

Number 1 (January 2000): Barclay, Scott. An Appealing Act: Why People Appeal in Civil Cases.

Number 1 (January 2000): Burton, David H. Taft, Holmes and the 1920's Court.

Number 1 (January 2000): Butler, David The Law, Politics and the Constitution: Essays in Honour of Geoffrey Marshall.

Number 1 (January 2000): Curriden, Mark and Leroy Phillips, Jr. Contempt of Court: The Turn-of-the-Century Lynching That Launched A Hundred Years of Federalism.

Number 1 (January 2000): Ewick, Patricia, Robert Kagan and Austin Sarat. Social Science, Social Policy and the Law.

Number 1 (January 2000): Ewick, Patricia and Susan S. Silbey. The Common Place of Law: Stories from Everyday Life.

Number 1 (January 2000): Freeman, Michael and Helen Reece (eds.). Science in Court.

Number 1 (January 2000): Jacobs, James B. with Coleen Friel and Robert Radick. Gotham Unbound: How New York City was Liberated From the Grip of Organized Crime.

Number 1 (January 2000): Johnstone, Steven. Disputes and Democracy: The Consequences of Litigation in Ancient Athens.

Number 1 (January 2000): Kramer, Matthew. In Defense of Legal Positivism.

Number 1 (January 2000): Lopeman, Charles S. The Activist Advocate: Policy Making in State Supreme Courts.

Number 1 (January 2000): Popkin, William D. Statutes in Courts: The History and Theory of Statutory Interpretation.

Number 1 (January 2000): Przybyszewski, Linda. The Republic According to John Marshall Harlan.

Number 1 (January 2000): Sadurski, Wojciech. Freedom of Speech and Its Limits.

Number 1 (January 2000): Slotnick, Elliot E. (ed.). Judicial Politics: Readings from Judicature, Second Edition.

Number 1 (January 2000): Sommerlad, Hilary and Peter Sanderson. Gender, Choice and Commitment: Women Solicitors in England and Wales and the Struggle for Equal Rights.

Number 1 (January 2000): Stephenson, Donald Grier Campaigns and the Court: The US Supreme Court in Presidential Elections.

Number 1 (January 2000): Strasser, Mark. The Challenge of Same-Sex Marriage: Federalist Principles and Constitutional Protections.

Number 1 (January 2000): Symonides, Janusz Human Rights: New Dimensions and Challenges.

Number 1 (January 2000): Tie, Warwick. Legal Pluralism: Towards a Multicultural Conception of the Law.

Number 1 (January 2000): Wall, David S. The Chief Constables of England and Wales: The Socio-Legal History of a Criminal Justice Elite.

Number 2 (February 2000): Alexander, Larry (ed.). Constitutionalism: Philosophical Perspectives.

Number 2 (February 2000): Anderson, John C. Why Lawyers Derail Justice: Probing the Roots of Legal Injustices.

Number 2 (February 2000): Asher, Brad. Beyond the Reservation: Indians, Settlers and the Law in Washington Territory, 1853-1889.

Number 2 (February 2000): Ball, Howard. Prosecuting War Crimes and Genocide: The Twentieth Century Experience.

Number 2 (February 2000): Banks, Christopher P Judicial Politics in the D.C. Circuit Court.

Number 2 (February 2000): Cownie, Fiona (ed.). The Law School: Global Issues, Local Questions.

Number 2 (February 2000): Foerstel, Herbert N. Freedom of Information and the Right to Know: The Origins and Applications of the Freedom of Information Act.

Number 2 (February 2000): Keeton, Robert E. Keeton on Judging in the American Legal System.

Number 2 (February 2000): Langum, David J. William M. Kunstler: The Most Hated Lawyer in America.

Number 2 (February 2000): Levy, Leonard. Origins of the Bill of Rights.

Number 2 (February 2000): Lynch, Joseph M. Negotiating the Constitution: The Earliest Debates Over Original Intent.

Number 2 (February 2000): Mills, Kurt. Human Rights in the Emerging Global Order: A New Sovereignty?

Number 2 (February 2000): Mills, Linda G. A Penchant for Justice: Unraveling Bias in Judicial Decision-Making.

Number 2 (February 2000): Nelson, Robert L. Legalizing Gender Inequality: Courts, Markets and Unequal Pay for Women in America.

Number 2 (February 2000): Perry, Barbara A. The Priestly Tribe: The Supreme Court's Image in the American Mind.

Number 2 (February 2000): Pickus, Noah M. Immigration and Citizenship in the 21st Century.

Number 2 (February 2000): Priban, Jiri and Jerry Young. The Rule of Law in Central Europe: The Reconstruction of Legality, Constitutionalism and Civil Society in the Post-Communist Countries.

Number 2 (February 2000): Reisman, W. Michael. Law in Brief Encounters.

Number 2 (February 2000): Rothenberg, Elliot C. The Taming of the Press: Cohen v. Cowles Media Company.

Number 2 (February 2000): Silverman, Eli B. NYPD Battles Crime: Innovative Strategies.

Number 2 (February 2000): Skogan, Wesley G. and Susan M. Hartnett. Community Policing, Chicago Style.

Number 2 (February 2000): Villiers, Charlotte. The Spanish Legal Tradition: An Introduction to the Spanish Law and Legal System.

Number 2 (February 2000): Vogt, Roy. Whose Property?: The Deepening Conflict Between Private Property and Democracy in Canada.

Number 2 (February 2000): Wilhelmsson Thomas and Samuli Hurri (eds.) From Dissonance to Sense: Welfare State Expectations, Privatisation and Private Law.

Number 2 (February 2000): Wilkins, David American Indian Sovereignty and the US Supreme Court: The Masking of Justice.

Number 3 (March 2000): Backhouse, Constance. Colour Coded: A Legal History of Racism in Canada, 1900-1950.

Number 3 (March 2000): Bandes, Susan (ed.). The Passions of Law.

Number 3 (March 2000): Feeley, Malcolm and Edward L. Rubin. Judicial Policy Making and the Modern State: How the Courts Reformed America's Prisons.

Number 3 (March 2000): Field, Martha A. and Valerie A. Sanchez. Equal Treatment for People with Mental Retardation: Having and Raising Children.

Number 3 (March 2000): Garth, Bryant G. and Austin Sarat (eds.). Justice and Power in Socio-Legal Studies.

Number 3 (March 2000): Graham, Lawrence D. Legal Battles that Shaped the Computer Industry.

Number 3 (March 2000): Gummow, William. Change and Continuity: Statute, Equity and Federalism.

Number 3 (March 2000): Perry, Michael J. We the People: The Fourteenth Amendment and the Supreme Court.

Number 3 (March 2000): Porsdam, Helle. Legally Speaking: Contemporary American Culture and the Law.

Number 3 (March 2000): Regan, Frances et al. The Transformation of Legal Aid: Comparative and Historical Studies.

Number 3 (March 2000): Sheffer, Martin S. God Versus Caesar: Belief, Worship and Proselytizing Under the First Amendment.

Number 3 (March 2000): Stevens, Richard G. and Matthew J. Franck (eds.). Sober as a Judge: The Supreme Court and Republican Liberty.

Number 3 (March 2000): Sunstein, Cass R. Behavioral Law and Economics.

Number 4 (April 2000): Arend, Anthony Clark. Legal Rules and International Society.

Number 4 (April 2000): Coombe, Rosemary J. The Cultural Life of Intellectual Properties: Authorship, Appropriation, and the Law.

Number 4 (April 2000): DeLaet, Debra L. U.S. Immigration Policy in an Age of Rights.

Number 4 (April 2000): Feldman, Stephen M. American Legal Though from Pre-Modernism to Post-Modernism: An Intellectual Voyage.

Number 4 (April 2000): Haines, David W. and Karen E. Rosenblum (eds.). Illegal Immigration in America: A Reference Handbook.

Number 4 (April 2000): Hall, Kermit L. (ed.). The Oxford Guide to United States Supreme Court Decisions.

Number 4 (April 2000): Keen, Lisa and Suzanne B. Goldberg. Strangers to the Law: Gay People on Trial.

Number 4 (April 2000): Pratt, Walter F. The Supreme Court Under Edward Douglass White 1910-1921.

Number 4 (April 2000): Schulhofer, Stephen J. Unwanted Sex: The Culture of Intimidation and the Failure of Law.

Number 4 (April 2000): Sheleff, Leon. The Future of Tradition: Customary Law, Common Law and Legal Pluralism.

Number 4 (April 2000): Solimine, Michael E. and James L. Walker. Respecting State Courts: The Inevitability of Judicial Federalism.

Number 4 (April 2000): Trakman, Leon and Sean Gatien. Rights and Responsibilities.

Number 4 (April 2000): Weinstein, James. Hate Speech, Pornography and the Radical Attack on Free Speech Doctrine.

Number 4 (April 2000): Whittington, Keith E. Constitutional Interpretation: Textual Meaning, Original Intent and Judicial Review.

Number 4 (April 2000): Zuckerman, Adrian A. S. (ed.). Civil Justice in Crisis: Comparative Perspectives of Civil Procedure.

Number 5 (May 2000): Brown, M. Christopher II The Quest to Define Collegiate Desegregation: Black Colleges, Title VI Compliance, and Post-Adams Litigation.

Number 5 (May 2000): Crapanzano, Vincent. Serving the Word: Literalism in America from the Pulpit to the Bench.

Number 5 (May 2000): Craycraft, Kenneth R. The American Myth of Religious Freedom.

Number 5 (May 2000): Cushman, Barry. Rethinking the New Deal Court: The Structure of a Constitutional Revolution.

Number 5 (May 2000): Darian-Smith, Eve and Peter Fitzpatrick (eds.). Laws of the Postcolonial.

Number 5 (May 2000): Duxbury, Neil. Random Justice: On Lotteries and Legal Decision-Making.

Number 5 (May 2000): Fletcher, Joseph (ed.). Ideas in Action: Essays on Politics and Law in Honour of Peter Russell.

Number 5 (May 2000): Gaab, Jeffrey S. Justice Delayed: The Restoration of Justice in Bavaria Under American Occupation, 1945-1949.

Number 5 (May 2000): Jaffa, Harry V. Storm Over the Constitution.

Number 5 (May 2000): MacCormick, Neil. Questioning Sovereignty.

Number 5 (May 2000): Mazur, Eric Michael. The Americanization of Religious Minorities: Confronting Constitutional Order.

Number 5 (May 2000): Regan, Milton C. Alone Together: Law and the Meanings of Marriage.

Number 5 (May 2000): Taslitz, Andrew E. Rape and the Culture of the Courtroom.

Number 5 (May 2000): Volcansek, Mary L. Constitutional Politics in Italy: The Constitutional Court.

Number 5 (May 2000): Yamamoto, Eric K. Interracial Justice: Conflict and Reconciliation in Post Civil Rights America.

Number 6 (June 2000): Abraham, Henry J. Justices, Presidents and Senators: A History of the US Supreme Court Appointments from Washington to Clinton.

Number 6 (June 2000): Carney, David E. (Ed.) To Promote the General Welfare: A Communitarian Legal Reader.

Number 6 (June 2000): Coutin, Susan Bibler. Legalizing Moves: Salvadoran Immigrants Struggle for US Residency.

Number 6 (June 2000): Darian-Smith, Eve. Bridging Divides: The Channel Tunnel and English Legal Identity in the New Europe.

Number 6 (June 2000): Deleon-Granados, William. Travels Through Crime and Place: Community Building as Crime Control.

Number 6 (June 2000): Dworkin, Ronald. Sovereign Virtue: The Theory and Practice of Equality.

Number 6 (June 2000): Feldman, Eric A. and Ronald Bayer. Blood Feuds: Aids, Blood and the Politics of Medical Disaster.

Number 6 (June 2000): Genn, Hazel. Paths to Justice: What People Do and Think About Going to Law.

Number 6 (June 2000): Guliuzza, Frank. Over The Wall: Protecting Religious Expression in the Public Square.

Number 6 (June 2000): Lipkin, Robert Justin. Constitutional Revolutions: Pragmatism and the Role of Judicial Review in American Constitutionalism.

Number 6 (June 2000): Peters, Shawn Francis. Judging Jehovah's Witnesses: Religious Persecution and the Dawn of the Rights Revolution.

Number 6 (June 2000): Sugarman, Stephen and Frank Kemerer. School Choice and Social Controversy: Politics, Policy and Law.

Number 6 (June 2000): Urofsky, Melvin L. Lethal Judgements: Assisted Suicide and American Law.

Number 7 (July 2000): Brooks, Peter Troubling Confessions: Speaking Guilt in Law and Literature.

Number 7 (July 2000): Craig, John D R. Privacy and Employment Law.

Number 7 (July 2000): Erickson, Rosemary J. and Rita J. Simon The Use of Social Science Data In Supreme Court Decisions.

Number 7 (July 2000): Freedman, Amy L. and Stanley B. Lubman. Response By The Author, Stanley Lubman, to Amy L. Freedman, Review of Bird In A Cage: Legal Reform In China After Mao, by Stanley B. Lubman and Reply By The Reviewer, Amy L. Freedman.

Number 7 (July 2000): Hutchinson, Allan C. It's All in the Game: A Nonfoundationalist Account of Law and Adjudication.

Number 7 (July 2000): Kinkley, Jeffrey C. Chinese Justice, The Fiction: Law and Literature in Modern China.

Number 7 (July 2000): Koh, Harold Hongju and Ronald C. Slye (Eds.). Deliberative Democracy and Human Rights.

Number 7 (July 2000): Lubman, Stanley B. Bird In A Cage: Legal Reform in China After Mao.

Number 7 (July 2000): Mezey, Susan Gluck. Pitiful Plaintiffs: Child Welfare Litigation and the Federal Courts.

Number 7 (July 2000): Mink, Gwendolyn Hostile Environment: The Political Betrayal of Sexually Harrassed Women.

Number 7 (July 2000): Morton, F.L. and Rainer Knopff. The Charter Revolution and the Court Party.

Number 7 (July 2000): O'Brien, Gail Williams. The Color of the Law: Race, Violence, and Justice in the Post-World War II South.

Number 7 (July 2000): Purcell, Edward A. Brandeis and the Progressive Constitution, Erie, the Judicial Power, and the Politics of the Federal Courts in Twentieth Century America.

Number 7 (July 2000): Richards, David A.J. Identity and the Case for Gay Rights: Race, Gender, Religion as Analogies.

Number 7 (July 2000): Robarge, David. A Chief Justice's Progress: John Marshall From Revolutionary Virginia to the Supreme Court.

Number 7 (July 2000): Veitch, Scott Moral Conflict and Legal Reasoning.

Number 8 (August 2000): Bamberger, Michael A Reckless Legislation: How Lawmakers Ignore the Constitution.

Number 8 (August 2000): Baxter, Maurice C. Henry Clay The Lawyer.

Number 8 (August 2000): Davis, Derek H. Religion and the Continental Congress, 1774-1789: Contributions to Original Intent.

Number 8 (August 2000): Friedman, David D Law's Order: What Economics Has To Do With Law and Why It Matters.

Number 8 (August 2000): Hartog, Hendrik. Man and Wife in America.

Number 8 (August 2000): Hunt, Alan. Governing Morals: A Social History of Moral Regulation.

Number 8 (August 2000): Kaplan, Alice The Collaborator: The Trial and Execution of Robert Brasillach.

Number 8 (August 2000): MacDougall, Bruce. Queer Judgements: Homosexuality, Expression, and the Courts in Canada.

Number 8 (August 2000): Minda, Gary. Boycott in America: How Imagination and Ideology Shape the Legal Mind.

Number 8 (August 2000): Prillaman, William C. The Judiciary and Democratic Decay in Latin America.

Number 8 (August 2000): Solyom, Laszlo and George Brunner. Constitutional Judiciary in a New Democracy: The Hungarian Constitutional Court.

Number 8 (August 2000): Spitzer, Robert J. (ed.). Politics and Constitutionalism: The Louis Fisher Connection.

Number 8 (August 2000): Sweet, Alec Stone. Governing With Judges: Constitutional Politics in Europe.

Number 8 (August 2000): Wilson, Christopher P Cop Knowledge: Police Power and Cultural Narrative in Twentieth Century America.

Number 9 (September 2000): Black, David A. Law in Film: Resonance and Representation.

Number 9 (September 2000): Yarbrough, Tinsley E. The Rehnquist Court and the Constitution.

Number 10 (October 2000): Abrams, Roger I.. The Money Pitch: Baseball Free Agency and Salary Arbitration.

Number 10 (October 2000): Bell, Daniel A. East Meets West: Human Rights and Democracy in East Asia.

Number 10 (October 2000): Caulfield, Sueann. In Defense of Honor: Sexual Morality, Modernity and Nation in Early Twentieth Century Brazil.

Number 10 (October 2000): Cooter, Robert D. The Strategic Constitution.

Number 10 (October 2000): Feldman, Eric. The Ritual of Rights in Japan: Law, Society and Health Policy.

Number 10 (October 2000): Geisler, Charles and Gail Daneker (eds.). Property and Values: Alternatives to Public and Private Ownership.

Number 10 (October 2000): Jamieson, Alison. The Anti-Mafia: Italy's Fight Against Organized Crime.

Number 10 (October 2000): Maltz, Earl M The Chief Justiceship of Warren Burger, 1969-1986.

Number 10 (October 2000): Palmer, Larry I. Endings and Beginnings: Law, Medicine and Society in Assisted Life and Death.

Number 10 (October 2000): Pue, Wesley (Ed.). Pepper In Our Eyes: The APEC Affair.

Number 10 (October 2000): Rosenblum, Nancy L. Obligations of Citizenship and Demands of Faith: Religious Accomodationin Pluralist Democracies.

Number 10 (October 2000): Roth, Rachel. Making Women Pay: The Hidden Costs of Fetal Rights.

Number 10 (October 2000): Scaturro, Frank J. The Supreme Court's Retreat from Reconstruction: A Distortion of Constitutional Jurisprudence.

Number 10 (October 2000): Sherwin, Richard K. When Law Goes Pop: The Vanishing Line Between Law and Popular Culture.

Number 10 (October 2000): Shevory, Thomas C. Body/Politics: Studies in Reproduction, Production and (Re)Construction.

Number 10 (October 2000): Sloan, Frank A. et al. Drinkers, Drivers and Bartenders: Balancing Private Choices and Public Accountability.

Number 10 (October 2000): Sossin, Lorne M. Boundaries of Judicial Review: The Laws of Justiciability in Canada.

Number 10 (October 2000): Valverde, Mariana. Diseases of the Will: Alcohol and the Dilemmas of Freedom.

Number 11 (November 2000): Allen, W.B. and Kevin A. Cloonan. The Federalist Papers: A Commentary.

Number 11 (November 2000): Boon, Andrew and Jennifer Levin. The Ethics and Conduct of Lawyers in England and Wales.

Number 11 (November 2000): Doern, G. Bruce and Markus Sharaput. Canadian Intellectual Property: The Politics of Innovating Institutions and Interests.

Number 11 (November 2000): Glass Geltman, Elizabeth. Recycling Land: Understanding the Legal Landscape of Brownfield Development.

Number 11 (November 2000): Levit, Nancy The Gender Line: Men, Women and the Law.

Number 11 (November 2000): Lin, Ann Chih. Reform in the Making: The Implementation of Social Policy in Prison.

Number 11 (November 2000): Nirmal, Chiranjivi J. Human Rights in India: Historical, Social and Political Perspectives.

Number 11 (November 2000): Roberts, Paul Craig and Lawrence M. Stratton. The Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice.

Number 11 (November 2000): Salomone, Rosemary C. Visions of Schooling: Conscience, Community and Common Education.

Number 11 (November 2000): Simon, William. The Practice of Justice: A Theory of Lawyers' Ethics.

Number 11 (November 2000): Woodiwiss, Anthony Globalisation, Human Rights and Labour Law in Pacific Asia.

Number 12 (December 2000): Bass, Gary Johnathan. Stay the Hand of Vengence: The Politics of War Crimes Trial.

Number 12 (December 2000): Bevacqua, Maria. Rape on the Public Agenda: Feminism and the Politics of Sexual Assault.

Number 12 (December 2000): Bloomfield, Maxwell. Peaceful Revolution: Constitutional Change and American Culture from Progressivism to the New Deal.

Number 12 (December 2000): Hollingsworth, Peggie J. (ed.). Unfettered Expression: Freedom in American Intellectual Life.

Number 12 (December 2000): Irons, Peter. A People's History of the Supreme Court.

Number 12 (December 2000): Jolowicz, J.A. On Civil Procedure.

Number 12 (December 2000): O'Connell Rory. Legal Theory in the Crucible of Constitutional Justice: A Study of Judges and Political Morality in Canada, Ireland and Italy.

Number 12 (December 2000): Rotberg, Robert I. and Dennis Thompson. Truth v. Justice: The Morality of Truth Commissions.

Number 12 (December 2000): Schwartz, Herman. The Struggle for Constitutional Justice in Post-Communist Europe.

Number 12 (December 2000): Smith, Christopher E. and Joyce A. Baugh. The Real Clarence Thomas: Confirmation Veracity Meets Performance Reality.

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