Reviews Listed by Volume and Number: Volume 8 (1998)

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Number 1 (January 1998): Baker, Thomas E. "The Most Wonderful Work . . .": Our Constitution Interpreted.

Number 1 (January 1998): Baldwin, Robert. Rules and Government.

Number 1 (January 1998): Barker, Paul (ed.). Living as Equals.

Number 1 (January 1998): Bell, Peter A. and Jeffrey O'Connell. Accidental Justice: The Dilemmas of Tort Law.

Number 1 (January 1998): Case, Roland. Understanding Judicial Reasoning: Controversies, Concepts and Cases.

Number 1 (January 1998): Chandler, Ralph Clark and William A. Ritchie (eds.). The American Constitution at the End of the Twentieth Century.

Number 1 (January 1998): Cogan, Neil H. The Complete Bill of Rights: The Drafts, Debates, Sources Origins.

Number 1 (January 1998): Cray, Ed. Chief Justice: A Biography of Earl Warren.

Number 1 (January 1998): Dullea, Henrik N. Charter Revision in the Empire State: The Politics of New York's 1967 Constitutional Convention.

Number 1 (January 1998): Epstein, Lee and Jack Knight. The Choices Justices Make.

Number 1 (January 1998): Farber, Daniel A. and Suzanna Sherry. Beyond All Reason: The Radical Assault on Truth in American Law.

Number 1 (January 1998): Friedman, Lawrence M. American Law: An Introduction.

Number 1 (January 1998): Goldman, Sheldon. Picking Federal Judges: Lower Court Selection From Roosevelt Through Reagan.

Number 1 (January 1998): Griffin, Stephen M. and Robert C. L. Moffat (eds.). Radical Critiques of the Law.

Number 1 (January 1998): Hall, Jean Graham and Douglas F. Martin. Haldane--Statesman Lawyer Philosopher.

Number 1 (January 1998): Hoffman, Daniel N. Our Elusive Constitution: Silences, Paradoxes, Priorities.

Number 1 (January 1998): Ingelhart, Louis Edward (ed.). Press and Speech Freedoms in America, 1619-1995: A Chronology.

Number 1 (January 1998): Landsberg, Brian K. Enforcing Civil Rights: Race, Discrimination and The Department of Justice.

Number 1 (January 1998): Manfredi, Christopher P. The Supreme Court and Juvenile Justice.

Number 1 (January 1998): Morris, Thomas D. Southern Slavery and the Law, 1619-1860.

Number 1 (January 1998): Osiel, Mark. Mass Atrocity, Collective Memory, and the Law.

Number 1 (January 1998): Roberts, Julian V. and Loretta Stalans. Public Opinion, Crime, and Criminal Justice.

Number 1 (January 1998): Rosen, Deborah A. Courts and Commerce: Gender, Law, and the Market Economy in Colonial New York.

Number 1 (January 1998): Schirazi, Asghar. The Constitution of Iran: Politics and the State in the Islamic Republic.

Number 1 (January 1998): Sjostrom, Stefan. Party or Patient?Discursive Practices Relating to Coercion in Psychiatric and Legal Settings.

Number 1 (January 1998): Star, Leonie. Counsel of Perfection: The Family Court in Australia.

Number 1 (January 1998): Thaler, Paul. The Spectacle: Media and the Making of the O. J. Simpson Story.

Number 2 (February 1998): Baum, Lawrence. The Puzzle of Judicial Behavior.

Number 2 (February 1998): Fine, Toni M. American Legal Systems: A Resource and Reference Guide.

Number 2 (February 1998): Hall, Kermit L., William M. Wiecek, and Paul Finkelman (eds.). American Legal History.

Number 3 (March 1998): Acker, James , Robert Bohm, and Charles Lanier eds. America's Experiment with Capital Punishment: Reflections on the Past, Present, and future of the Ultimate Penal Sanction.

Number 3 (March 1998): Caldwell, Peter C Popular Sovereignty and the Crisis of German Constitutional Law: The Theory and Practice of Weimar Constitutionalism.

Number 3 (March 1998): Donnelly, Jack. International Human Rights (Second edition).

Number 3 (March 1998): Loveland, Ian. Housing Homeless Persons: Administrative Law and Process.

Number 3 (March 1998): Lowe, Vaughan and Malgosia Fitzmaurice (eds.). Fifty Years of the International Court of Justice.

Number 3 (March 1998): Markovits, Inga. Imperfect Justice: An East-West German Diary.

Number 3 (March 1998): McCormack, Timothy. Self-Defense in International Law: The Israeli Raid on the Iraqi Nuclear Reactor.

Number 3 (March 1998): McIntosh, Wayne V. and Cynthia L. Cates. Judicial Entrepreneurship: The Role of the Judge in the Marketplace of Ideas.

Number 3 (March 1998): Munsterman, G. Thomas, Paula L. Hannaford and G. Marc Whitehead (eds.). Jury Trial Innovations.

Number 3 (March 1998): Pollenberg, Richard The World of Benjamin Cardozo: Personal Values and the Judicial Process.

Number 3 (March 1998): Shapiro, Ian and William Kymlicka (eds.). Ethnicity and Group Rights.

Number 3 (March 1998): Smith, Christopher E. The Rehnquist Court and Criminal Punishment.

Number 4 (April 1998): Bushnell, Ian. The Federal Court of Canada: A History, 1875-1992.

Number 4 (April 1998): Calavita, Kitty, Henry N. Pontell, and Robert H. Tillman. Big Money Crime: Fraud and Politics in the Savings and Loan Crisis.

Number 4 (April 1998): Canon, Bradley C. and Charles A. Johnson. Response to Wasby Review of Judicial Policies: Implementation and Impact.

Number 4 (April 1998): Clark, Roger S. and Madeleine Sann (eds.). The Case Agasint the Bomb.

Number 4 (April 1998): Devins, Neal. Shaping Constitutional Values: Elected Government, the Supreme Court, and the Abortion Debate.

Number 4 (April 1998): Devins, Neal and Davison M. Douglas (Editors). Redefining Equality.

Number 4 (April 1998): Fleming, Macklin Lawyers, Money and Success: The Consequences of Dollar Obsession.

Number 4 (April 1998): Glennon, Michael J. et al. A Constitutional Law Anthology (Second Edition).

Number 4 (April 1998): Hull, N. E. H. Roscoe Pound and Karl Llewellyn: Searching for an American Jurisprudence.

Number 4 (April 1998): Jay, Stewart. Most Humble Servants: The Advisory Role of Early Judges.

Number 4 (April 1998): Johnson, John W. The Struggle for Student Rights: Tinker v. Des Moines and the 1960s.

Number 4 (April 1998): Mower, Jr., A. Glenn. The Convention on the Rights of the Child: International Law Support for Children.

Number 4 (April 1998): Peacock, Anthony A (ed) Affirmative Action and Representation: Shaw v. Reno and the Future of Voting Rights.

Number 4 (April 1998): Podgorecki, Adam and Vittorio Olgiati. Totalitarian and Post-Totalitarian Law.

Number 4 (April 1998): Ross, Thomas Just Stories: How the Law Embodies Racism and Bias.

Number 4 (April 1998): Ryden, David K. Representation in Crisis: The Constitution, Interest Groups, and Political Parties.

Number 4 (April 1998): Ryden, David K. The US Supreme Court and the Electoral Process.

Number 4 (April 1998): Scharf, Michael P Balkan Justice: The Story Behind the First International War Crimes Trial Since Nuremburg.

Number 4 (April 1998): Schwartz, Bernard Decision: How the Supreme Court Decides Cases.

Number 4 (April 1998): Sebba, Leslie (ed.). Social Control and Justice: Inside or Outside the Law?

Number 4 (April 1998): Sheldon, Charles H. and Linda S. Maule. Choosing Justice: The Recruitment of State and Federal Judges.

Number 4 (April 1998): Siegan, Bernard H Property and Freedom: The Constitution, The Courts and Land-Use Regulation.

Number 4 (April 1998): Smith, Rogers M Civic Ideals: Conflicting Visions of Citizenship in U.S. History.

Number 4 (April 1998): Soloman, Jr., Peter H. Soviet Criminal Justice Under Stalin.

Number 4 (April 1998): Stansfield, Ronald. Issues in Policing: A Canadian Perspective.

Number 4 (April 1998): Thornton, Margaret Dissonance and Distrust: Women in the Legal Profession.

Number 4 (April 1998): Wolfe, Christopher. Judicial Activism - Bulwark of Liberty or Precarious Security? (Revised Edition).

Number 4 (April 1998): Woodhouse, Diana. In Pursuit of Good Administration: Ministers, Civil Servants and Judges.

Number 5 (May 1998): Appier, Janis. Policing Women: The Sexual Politics of Law Enforcement and the LAPD.

Number 5 (May 1998): Dau-Schmidt, Kenneth G. and Thomas S. Ulen (eds.). Law and Economics Anthology.

Number 5 (May 1998): Gessner, Volkmar (ed.). Foreign Courts: Civil Litigation in Foreign Legal Cultures.

Number 5 (May 1998): Gessner, Volkmar, Armin Hoeland, and Csaba Varga (eds.). European Legal Cultures.

Number 5 (May 1998): Gomez, Laura E. Misconceiving Mothers: Legislators, Prosecutors, and the Politics of Prenatal Drug Exposure.

Number 5 (May 1998): Issacharoff, Samuel, Pamela Karlan and Richard Pildes. The Law of Democracy: Legal Structure of the Political Process.

Number 5 (May 1998): Nelken, David (ed.). Comparing Legal Cultures.

Number 5 (May 1998): Samar, Vincent. Justifying Judgment: Practicing Law and Philosophy.

Number 5 (May 1998): Samar, Vincent Response by Vincent Samar to the review of his book Justifying Judgment.

Number 5 (May 1998): Strasser, Mark. Legally Wed: Same Sex Marriage and the Constitution.

Number 5 (May 1998): Tamanaha, Brian Z. Realistic Socio-Legal Theory: Pragmatism and a Social Theory of Law.

Number 5 (May 1998): Ulmer, Jeffery T. Social Worlds of Sentencing: Court Communities Under Sentencing Guidelines.

Number 6 (June 1998): Ahdieh, Robert B. Russia's Constitutional Revolution: Legal Consciousness and the Transition to Democracy, 1985-1996.

Number 6 (June 1998): Foxhall, L. and A.D.E. Lewis Greek Law In Its Political Setting: Justifications Not Justice.

Number 6 (June 1998): Kurtz, Donn M Kinship and Politics: The Justices of the United States and Louisiana Supreme Courts.

Number 6 (June 1998): Litowitz, Douglas E. Postmodern Philosophy an Law.

Number 6 (June 1998): MacKinnon, Catharine A. and Andrea Dworkin (eds.). In Harm's Way: The Pornography Civil Rights Hearings.

Number 6 (June 1998): McGurn, Barrett. America's Court: The Supreme Court and the People.

Number 6 (June 1998): Russell, Katheryn K The Color of Crime: Racial Hoaxes, White Fear, Black Protectionism, Police Harassment and Other Macroaggressions.

Number 6 (June, 1998): Sarat, Austin and Stuart R. Scheingold (eds.). Cause Lawyering: Political Commitments and Professional Responsibilities.

Number 6 (June 1998): Smith, Steven D. The Constitution and the Pride of Reason.

Number 7 (July 1998): Colker, Ruth. American Law in the Age of Hypercapitalism: The Worker, The Family, and The State.

Number 7 (July 1998): Hayman, Jr., Robert L. The Smart Culture: Society, Intelligence, and Law.

Number 7 (July 1998): Kelman, Mark and Gillian Lester. Jumping the Queue: An Inquiry into the Legal Treatment of Students with Learning Disabilities.

Number 7 (July 1998): Scoglio, Stefano. Transforming Privacy: A Transpersonal Philosophy of Rights.

Number 7 (July 1998): Strum, Philippa. Privacy: The Debate in the United States Since 1945.

Number 8 (August 1998): Bakan, Joel. Just Words: Constitutional Rights and Social Wrongs.

Number 8 (August 1998): Bergalli, Roberto and Colin Sumner (eds.). Social Control and Political Order: European Perspectives at the End of the Century.

Number 8 (August 1998): Campos, Paul F. Jurismania: The Madness of American Law.

Number 8 (August 1998): Freeman, Michael (ed.). Current Legal Problems 1997: Volume 50 -- Law and Opinion at the End of the Twentieth Century.

Number 8 (August 1998): Goldfarb, Ronald L. TV or Not TV: Television, Justice, and the Courts.

Number 8 (August 1998): Gruen, Lori and George E. Panichas (eds). Sex, Morality, and the Law.

Number 8 (August 1998): Haskell, Paul G. Why Lawyers Behave as They Do.

Number 8 (August 1998): Kaufman, Andrew L. Cardozo.

Number 8 (August 1998): Koshner, Andrew Jay. Solving the Puzzle of Interest Group Litigation.

Number 8 (August 1998): Rosenfeld, Michel. Just Interpretation: Law Between Ethics and Politics.

Number 8 (August 1998): Shiell, Timothy C. Campus Hate Speech on Trial.

Number 8 (August 1998): Thompson, Bankole. The Constitutional History and Law of Sierra Leone (1961-1995).

Number 8 (August 1998): Volcansek, Mary L. (ed.). Law Above Nations: Supranational Courts and the Legalization of Politics.

Number 8 (August 1998): Volcansek, Mary L. with Maria Elisabetta de Franciscis and Jacqueline Lucienne Lafon. Judicial Misconduct: A Cross-National Comparison.

Number 9 (September 1998): Cheney, Timothy D. Who Makes the Law: The Supreme Court, Congress, the States and Society.

Number 9 (September 1998): Foerstel, Herbert N. Banned in the Media: A Reference Guide to Censorship in the Press, Motion Pictures, Broadcasting, and the Internet.

Number 9 (September 1998): Foster, James C. and Susan M. Leeson. Constitutional Law: Cases in Context, 2nd Edition.

Number 9 (September 1998): Inde, Vilis R. Art in the Courtroom.

Number 9 (September 1998): Percival, Robert V. and Dorothy C. Alevizatos (eds.). Law and the Environment: A Multidisciplinary Reader.

Number 9 (September 1998): Schultz, David A. (ed.). Leveraging the Law: Using the Courts to Achieve Social Change.

Number 9 (September 1998): Zamble, Edward and Vernon L. Quinsey. The Criminal Recidivism Process.

Number 10 (October 1998): Baggins, David Sadofsky. Drug Hate and the Corruption of American Justice.

Number 10 (October 1998): Boot, Max. Out of Order: Arrogance, Corruption, and Incompetence on the Bench.

Number 10 (October 1998): Delaney, David. Race, Place, and the Law, 1836-1948.

Number 10 (October 1998): Eskridge, William N. Jr. Constitutional Stupidities, Constitutional Tragedies.

Number 10 (October 1998): Farole, Donald J. Jr. Interest Groups and Judicial Federalism: Organizational Litigation in State Judiciaries.

Number 10 (October 1998): Knelman, Judith. Twisting in the Wind: The Murderess and the English Press.

Number 10 (October 1998): Noonan, John T. The Lustre of Our Country: The American Experience of Religious Freedom.

Number 10 (October 1998): Razack, Sherene H. Looking White People in the Eye: Gender, Race, and Culture in Courtrooms and Classrooms.

Number 10 (October 1998): Stolleis, Michael. The Law Under the Swastika.

Number 11 (November 1998): Belz, Herman. A Living Constitution or Fundamental Law? American Constitutionalism in Historical Perspective.

Number 11 (November 1998): Brown, Nathan J. The Rule of Law in the Arab World: Courts in Egypt and the Gulf.

Number 11 (November 1998): Burch, Kurt. "Property" and the Making of the International System.

Number 11 (November 1998): Canon, Bradley C. and Charles A. Johnson. Judicial Policies: Implementation and Impact.

Number 11 (November 1998): Crotty, Patricia McGee. Women and Family Law: Connecting the Public and Private.

Number 11 (November 1998): Harris, David and Stephen Livingston, eds. The Inter-American System of Human Rights.

Number 11 (November 1998): Kmiec, Douglas W. and Stephen B. Presser. The American Constitutional Order: History, Cases, and Philosophy

Number 11 (November 1998): Post, Robert, and Michael Rogin, eds. Race and Representation: Affirmative Action.

Number 11 (November 1998): Troy, Daniel E. Retrocactive Legislation.

Number 12 (December 1998): Clifford, Mary, ed. Environmental Crime: Enforcement, Policy, and Social Responsibility.

Number 12 (December 1998): Haines, Fiona. Corporate Regulation: Beyond 'Punish or Persuade.'

Number 12 (December 1998): Hutchinson, Dennis J. The Man Who Once Was Whizzer White: A Portrait of Justice Byron R. White.

Number 12 (December 1998): Latzer, Barry, ed. Death Penalty Cases: Leading U.S. Supreme Court Cases on Capital Punishment.

Number 12 (December 1998): Lovegrove, Austin. The Framework of Judicial Sentencing: A Study in Legal Decision Making.

Number 12 (December 1998): May, Christopher N. Presidential Defiance of "Unconstitutional" Laws.

Number 12 (December 1998): Papke, David Ray Heretics in the Temple: Americans Who Reject the Nation's Legal Faith.

Number 12 (December 1998): Semonche, John. Keeping the Faith: A Cultural History of the Supeme Court.

Number 12 (December 1998): White, Jean Bickmore. The Utah State Constitution: A Reference Guide.

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