Reviews Listed by Volume and Number: Volume 5 (1995)

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Number 1 (January, 1995): Bogart, William A. Courts and Country: The Limits of Litigation and the Social and Political Life of Canada.

Number 1 (January, 1995): Goldstein, Leslie Friedman. Contemporary Cases in Women's Rights.

Number 1 (January, 1995): Kelly, Michael J. Lives of Lawyers: Journeys in the Organizations of Practice.

Number 1 (January, 1995): Otten, Laura A. Women's Rights and the Law.

Number 1 (January, 1995): Tonry, Michael. Malign Neglect: Race, Crime and Punishment.

Number 1 (January, 1995): Zatz, Marjorie S. Producing Legality: Law and Socialism in Cuba.

Number 2 (February, 1995): Bonsignore, John J., Ethan Katsh, Peter d'Errico, Ronald M. Pipkin, Stephen Arons, and Janet Rifkin (eds.).Before the Law: An Introduction to the Legal System.

Number 2 (February, 1995): Calvi, James V. and Susan Coleman. American Law and Legal Systems.

Number 2 (February, 1995): Carp, Robert A. and Ronald Stidham. Judicial Process in America.

Number 2 (February, 1995): Carter, Lief H. Reason in Law.

Number 2 (February, 1995): Cotterrell, Roger. The Sociology of Law: An Introduction.

Number 2 (February, 1995): Gates, John B. and Charles A. Johnson. (eds.). The American Courts: A Critical Assessment [Olson review]

Number 2 (February, 1995): Glick, Henry R. Courts, Politics, and Justice

Number 2 (February, 1995): Glick, Henry R. (ed.). Courts in American Politics: Readings and Introductory Essays.

Number 2 (February, 1995): Grilliot, Harold J. and Frank A. Schubert. Introduction to Law the Legal System.

Number 2 (February, 1995): Jacob, Herbert. Law and Politics in the United States.

Number 2 (February, 1995): Schultz, David A. (ed.). Law and Politics: Unanswered Questions.

Number 2 (February, 1995): Slotnick, Elliot E. (ed.). Judicial Politics: Readings from Judicature.

Number 2 (February, 1995): Vago, Stephen. Law and Society.

Number 3 (March, 1995): Abraham, Henry J. The Judicial Process: An Introductory Analysis of the Courts of the United States, England and France.

Number 3 (March, 1995): Abramson, Jeffrey. We, the Jury: The Jury System and the Ideal of Democracy

Number 3 (March, 1995): Adler, Stephan J. The Jury: Trial and Error in the American Courtroom.

Number 3 (March, 1995): Arkes, Hadley. The Return of George Sutherland: Restoring a Jurisprudence of Natural Rights.

Number 3 (March, 1995): Baum, Lawrence. American Courts: Process and Policy.

Number 3 (March, 1995): Epstein, Lee (ed.). Contemplating Courts.

Number 3 (March, 1995): Neubauer, David W. Judicial Process: Law, Courts, Politics in the United States. [Foster review]

Number 3 (March, 1995): Russell, Gregory D. The Death Penalty and Racial Bias.

Number 3 (March, 1995): Sarat, Austin and Thomas R. Kearns (eds.) Law in Everyday Life.

Number 3 (March, 1995): Tarr, G. Alan. Judicial Process and Judicial Policymaking.

Number 4 (April, 1995): Cleary, Edward J Beyond the Burning Cross: The First Amendment and the Landmark R.A.V. Case.

Number 4 (April, 1995): Currie, David P. The Constitution of the Republic of Germany.

Number 4 (April, 1995): Davis, Martha F. Brutal Need: Lawyers and the Welfare Rights Movement 1960-1973.

Number 4 (April, 1995): Fineman, Martha Albertson. The Neutered Mother, The Sexual Family and Other Twentieth Century Tragedies.

Number 4 (April, 1995): Griffith, John. Judicial Politics since 1920.

Number 4 (April, 1995): Gutierrez-Jones, Carl. Rethinking the Borderlands: Between Chicano Culture and Legal Discourse.

Number 4 (April, 1995): Rosenblum, Jonathan D. Copper Crucible.

Number 4 (April, 1995): Tushnet, Mark V. Making Civil Rights Law: Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court, 1936-1961.

Number 4 (April, 1995): West, Robin. Progressive Constitutionalism: Reconstructing the Fourteenth Amendment.

Number 5 (May, 1995): Bloch, Farrell. Antidiscrimination Law and Minority Employment.

Number 5 (May, 1995): Bodie, Thomas J. Politics and the Emergence of an Activist International Court of Justice.

Number 5 (May, 1995): Coffin, Frank M. On Appeal: Courts, Lawyering, and Judging.

Number 5 (May, 1995): Entin, Jonathan L. Comment on Segal's Review of United States Supreme Court Reports (CD-ROM)

Number 5 (May, 1995): Franklin, Daniel P. and Michael J. Baun. Political Culture and Constitutionalism: A Comparative Approach.

Number 5 (May, 1995): Gates, Henry Louis Jr., et al. Speaking of Race, Speaking of Sex.

Number 5 (May, 1995): United States Supreme Court CD ROM (LOIS edition)

Number 6 (June, 1995): Baird, Douglas G. Robert H. Gertner, and Randal C. Picker. Game Theory and the Law.

Number 6 (June, 1995): Daly, Kathleen. Gender, Crime, and Punishment.

Number 6 (June, 1995): Davis, Richard. Decisions and Images: The Supreme Court and the Press.

Number 6 (June, 1995): Fisher, Louis. Presidential War Power.

Number 6 (June, 1995): Sarat, Austin and William L. F. Felstiner. Divorce Lawyers and their Clients.

Number 6 (June, 1995): Weinstein, Jack B. Individual Justice in Mass Tort Litigation.

Number 6 (June, 1995): Yackle, Larry W. Reclaiming the Federal Courts.

Number 7 (July, 1995): Eskridge, William N. Jr. Dynamic Statutory Interpretation.

Number 7 (July, 1995): Leuchtenburg, William E. The Supreme Court Reborn: The Constitutional Revolution in the Age of Roosevelt.

Number 7 (July, 1995): Wice, Paul B. Court Reform and Judicial Leadership.

Number 8 (August, 1995): Choper, Jesse H. Securing Religious Liberty. [Yarnold review]

Number 8 (August, 1995): Choper, Jesse H. Securing Religious Liberty. [Smith review]

Number 8 (August, 1995): Greenawalt, Kent. Fighting Words: Individuals, Communities, and Liberties of Speech.

Number 8 (August, 1995): Post, Robert C. Constitutional Domains: Democracy, Community, Management.

Number 8 (August, 1995): Yarnold, Barbara M. Abortion Politics in the Federal Courts.

Number 9 (September, 1995): Abel, Richard L., ed. The Law Society Reader.

Number 9 (September, 1995): Casto, William R The Supreme Court in the Early Republic: The Chief Justiceships of John Jay and Oliver Ellsworth.

Number 9 (September, 1995): Gerber, Scott Douglas. To Secure These Rights: The Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Interpretation.

Number 9 (September, 1995): Katsh, M. Ethan. Law in a Digital World.

Number 9 (September, 1995): Minda, Gary. Postmodern Legal Movements: Law and Jurisprudence at Century's End.

Number 9 (September, 1995): Stumpf, Harry P. American Judicial Politics.

Number 10 (October, 1995): Daniels, Stephen and Joanne Martin. Civil Juries and the Politics of Reform.

Number 10 (October, 1995): Hagan, John and Fiona Kay. Gender in Practice: A Study of Lawyer's Lives.

Number 10 (OCTOBER, 1995): Ivers, Gregg. To Build a Wall: American Jews and the Separation of Church and State.

Number 10 (October, 1995): McGough, Lucy S. Child Witnesses.

Number 10 (October, 1995): Smith, Christopher E. Judicial Self-Interest: Federal Judges and Court Administration.

Number 10 (October, 1995): Smith, Christopher E. Response to Church's Review of Judicial Self-Interest.

Number 11 (November, 1995): Clayton, Cornell W. (ed.). Government Lawyers: The Federal Bureaucracy and Presidential Politics.

Number 11 (November, 1995): Ely, James W. Jr. The Chief Justiceship of Melville W. Fuller 1888-1910.

Number 11 (November, 1995): Fischel, William A. Regulatory Takings: Law, Economics, and Politics.

Number 11 (November, 1995): Posner, Richard A. Overcoming Law.

Number 12 (December, 1995): Anastaplo, George. The Amendments to the Constitution: An Interpretation.

Number 12 (December, 1995): Gangi, William. Saving the Constitution from the Courts.

Number 12 (December, 1995): Halpern, Stephen C. On the Limits of Law: The Ironic Legacy of Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Number 12 (December, 1995): Schlegel, John Henry. American Legal Realism Empirical Social Science.

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