Reviews Listed by Volume and Number: Volume 4 (1994)

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Number 1 (January, 1994): Barber, Sotirios A The Constitution of Judicial Power.

Number 1 (January, 1994): Gillman, Howard. The Constitution Besieged: The Rise and Demise of Lochner Era Police Powers Jurisprudence.

Number 1 (January, 1994): Shull, Steven A. A Kinder, Gentler Racism? The Reagan-Bush Legacy.

Number 1 (January, 1994): Smith, Christopher E. Critical Judicial Nominations and Political Change: The Impact of Clarence Thomas.

Number 2 (February, 1994): Friedman, Lawrence M. Crime and Punishment in American History.

Number 2 (February, 1994): Greenberg, Douglas. Stanley N. Katz, Melanie Beth Oliviero and Steven C. Wheatley (eds.) Constitutionalism and Democracy: Transitions in the Contemporary World

Number 2 (February, 1994): Matoesian, Gregory M. Reproducing Rape: Domination through Talk in the Courtroom.

Number 2 (February, 1994): Smith, Christopher E. Justice Antonin Scalia and the Supreme Court's Conservative Moment.

Number 2 (February, 1994): Sunstein, Cass R. Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech.

Number 2 (February, 1994): Yngvesson, Barbara. Virtuous Citizens, Disruptive Subjects: Order and Complaint in a New England Court.

Number 3 (March, 1994): Bowman, Gary W. Simon Hakim, and Paul Seidenstat. Privatizing Correctional Institutions.

Number 3 (March, 1994): Champagne, Anthony and Judith Haydel (eds.). Judicial Reform in the States.

Number 3 (March, 1994): Fish, Stanley. There's No Such Thing as Free Speech.

Number 3 (March, 1994): Harlow, Carol and Richard Rawlings. Pressure Through Law.

Number 3 (March, 1994): Howard, A. E. Dick. Constitution Making in Eastern Europe.

Number 3 (March, 1994): Itzin, Catherine (ed.). Pornography: Women, Violence and Civil Liberties.

Number 3 (March, 1994): Maltz, Earl M Rethinking Constitutional Law: Originalism, Interventionism, and the Politics of Judicial Review.

Number 3 (March, 1994): McGuire, Kevin T. The Supreme Court Bar: Legal Elites in the Washington Community.

Number 3 (March, 1994): Smith, Christopher E. Courts and Public Policy.

Number 4 (April, 1994): Friedelbaum, Stanley H. The Rehnquist Court: In Pursuit of Judicial Conservatism.

Number 4 (April, 1994): McCoy, Candace. Politics and Plea Bargaining: Victims' Rights in California.

Number 4 (April, 1994): /lpbr/subpages/reviews/pederson.htm"> Great Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court: Ratings Case Studies.

Number 4 (April, 1994): Solan, Lawrence M. The Language of Judges.

Number 5 (May, 1994): Marquart, James W. Sheldon Ekland-Olson and Jonathan R. Sorensen. The Rope, the Chair, and the Needle: Capital Punishment in Texas, 1923-1990.

Number 5 (May 1994): Melnick, R. Shep. Between the Lines: Interpreting Welfare Rights.

Number 5 (May, 1994): Merry, Sally Engle and Neal Milner (eds.). The Possibility of Popular Justice.

Number 5 (May, 1994): Tonry, Michael and Albert J. Reiss, Jr. (eds.). Beyond the Law: Crime in Complex Organizations.

Number 6 (June, 1994): Mason, Mary Ann. From Father's Property to Children's Rights: The History of Child Custody in the United States.

Number 6 (June, 1994): Tonry, Michael (ed.). Crime and Justice: A Review of Research, Vol. 17.

Number 7 (July, 1994): Benvenisti, Eyal. The International Law of Occupation.

Number 7 (July, 1994): Hawkins, Keith (ed.). The Uses of Discretion.

Number 7 (July, 1994): Hazard, Geoffrey C. Jr. and Michele Taruffo. American Civil Procedure: An Introduction.

Number 7 (July, 1994): Rabin, Robert L. and Stephen D. Sugarman (eds.). Smoking Policy: Law, Politics, and Culture.

Number 7 (July, 1994): Schwartz, Bernard. A History of the Supreme Court.

Number 7 (July, 1994): Silverstein, Mark. Judicious Choices: The New Politics of Supreme Court Confirmations.

Number 7 (July, 1994): Simon, Jonathan. Poor Discipline: Parole and the Social Control of the Underclass, 1890-1990.

Number 8 (August, 1994): Carter, Stephen L. The Confirmation Mess: Cleaning Up the Federal Appointments Process.

Number 8 (August, 1994): Davidson, Chandler and Bernard Grofman (eds.). Quiet Revolution in the South: The Impact of the Voting Rights Act 1965-1990.

Number 8 (August, 1994): Epstein, Lee, Jeffrey A. Segal, Harold J. Spaeth and Thomas G. Walker (eds.). The Supreme Court Compendium: Data, Decisions, Developments.

Number 8 (August, 1994): Hoefler, James M. with Brian E. Kamoie. Deathright: Culture, Medicine, Politics, and the Right to Die.

Number 8 (August, 1994): Jost, Kenneth (ed.). The Supreme Court Yearbook 1992-93.

Number 8 (August, 1994): Kerwin, Cornelius M. Rulemaking: How Government Agencies Write Law and Make Policy.

Number 8 (August, 1994): Thaler, Paul. The Watchful Eye: American Justice in the Age of the Television Trial.

Number 9 (September, 1994): Edelman, Martin. Courts, Politics, and Culture in Israel.

Number 9 (September, 1994): Kahn, Ronald. The Supreme Court Constitutional Theory.

Number 9 (September, 1994): McCann, Michael W. Rights at Work:Pay Equity Reform and the Politics of Legal Mobilization.

Number 9 (September, 1994): Spelman, William. Criminal Incapacitation.

Number 10 (October, 1994): Gilliom, John. Surveillance, Privacy and the Law: Employee Drug Testing and the Politics of Social Control.

Number 10 (October, 1994): Greenberg, Jack. Crusaders in the Courts.

Number 10 (October, 1994): Perry, Michael J. The Constitution in the Courts: Law or Politics?

Number 10 (October, 1994): Strum, Philippa. Brandeis: Beyond Progressivism.

Number 11 (November, 1994): Frederick, David C. Rugged Justice: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the American West, 1891-1941.

Number 11 (November, 1994): Walker, Samuel. Hate Speech: The History of an American Controversy.

Number 12 (December, 1994): Karst, Kenneth L. Law's Promise, Law's Expression.

Number 12 (December, 1994): Ross, William G. A Muted Fury: Populists, Progressives, and Labor Unions Confront the Courts: 1890-1937.

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