Reviews Listed by Volume and Number: Volume 2 (1992)

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Number 1 (January, 1992): Galanter, Marc and Thomas Palay. Tournament of Lawyers: The Transformation of the Big Law Firm.

Number 1 (January, 1992): Mezey, Susan Gluck. In Pursuit of Equality: Women, Public Policy and the Federal Courts.

Number 1 (January, 1992): Nunnelley, William A. Bull Connor.

Number 1 (January, 1992): Salmond, John A. The Conscience of a Lawyer.

Number 1 (January, 1992): Sikora, Frank. Until Justice Rolls Down.

Number 1 (January, 1992): Wasby, Stephen L. (ed.). `He Shall Not Pass This Way Again': The Legacy of Justice William O. Douglas.

Number 1 (January, 1992): Zimring, Franklin E. and Gordon Hawkins. The Scale of Punishment.

Number 2 (February 1998): Bayley, David H. (ed.). What Works in Policing.

Number 2 (February, 1992): Ely, James W. Jr. The Guardian of Every Other Right: A Constitutional History of Property Rights.

Number 2 (February, 1992): Hovenkamp, Herbert. Enterprise and American Law 1836-1937.

Number 2 (February, 1992): Kritzer, Herbert M. The Justice Broker: Lawyers and Ordinary Litigation

Number 2 (February 1998): Lahav, Pnina. Judgment in Jerusalem: Chief Justice Simon Agranat and the Zionist Century.

Number 2 (February, 1992): Lewis, Anthony. Make No Law.

Number 2 (February 1998): Paulson, Ross Evans. Liberty, Equality, and Justice: Civil Rights, Women's Rights, and the Regulation of Business, 1865-1932.

Number 2 (February 1998): Porto, Brian L. The Craft of Legal Reasoning.

Number 2 (February 1998): Sunstein, Cass R. Free Markets and Social Justice.

Number 2 (February, 1992): Viscusi, W. Kip. Reforming Product Liability.

Number 3 (March, 1992): Ackerman, Bruce. We the People: Foundations.

Number 3 (March, 1992): Baer, Judith A. Women in American Law.

Number 3 (MARCH, 1992): Braithwaite, John and Philip Pettit. Not Just Deserts: A Republican Theory of Criminal Justice.

Number 3 (March, 1992): Fineman, Martha Albertson. The Illusion of Equality: The Rhetoric and Reality of Divorce Reform.

Number 3 (March, 1992): Shattuck, Petra T. and Jill Norgren. Partial Justice: Federal Indian Law in a Liberal Constitutional System.

Number 3 (March, 1992): Stumpf, Harry P. and John H. Culver. The Politics of State Courts.

Number 4 (April, 1992): Easterbrook, Frank H. and Daniel R. Fischel. The Economic Structure of Corporate Law.

Number 4 (April, 1992): Jones, Dorothy V. Code of Peace: Ethics and Security in the World of Warlord States.

Number 4 (April, 1992): Neubauer, David W. Judicial Process: Law, Courts, Politics in the United States. [Graham review]

Number 5 (May, 1992): Ball, Howard and Phillip J. Cooper. Of Power and Right: Hugo Black, William O. Douglas and American's Constitutional Revolution.

Number 5 (May, 1992): Jacobs, Mark D. Screwing the System and Making It Work.

Number 5 (May, 1992): Kuehn, Thomas. Law, Family Women: Toward a Legal Anthropology of Renaissance Italy

Number 5 (May, 1992): Perry, H. W. Jr. Deciding to Decide: Agenda Setting in the United States Supreme Court.

Number 5 (May, 1992): Sobol, Richard B. Bending the Law: The Story of the Dalkon Shield Bankruptcy.

Number 5 (May, 1992): Yarbrough, Tinsley E. John Marshall Harlan: Great Dissenter of the Warren Court.

Number 6 (June, 1992): Biskupic, Joan. The Supreme Court Yearbook.

Number 6 (June, 1992): Delaney, Kevin J. Strategic Bankruptcy: How Corporations and Creditors Use Chapter 11 to their Strategic Advantage.

Number 6 (June, 1992): Kemerer, Frank R. William Wayne Justice: A Judicial Biography.

Number 6 (June, 1992): Percy, Stephen L. Disability, Civil Rights, and Public Policy: The Politics of Implementation.

Number 7 (July, 1992): Burt, Robert A. The Constitution in Conflict.

Number 7 (July, 1992): Graber, Mark A. Transforming Free Speech: The Ambiguous Legacy of Civil Libertarianism.

Number 7 (July, 1992): Meyer, Michael J. and W. A. Parent (ed.). The Constitution of Rights.

Number 7 (July, 1992): Powe, Lucas A. Jr. The Fourth Estate and the Constitution: Freedom of Press in America.

Number 8 (August, 1992): Baker, Nancy V. Conflicting Loyalties: Law Politics in the Attorney General's Office, 1789-1990.

Number 8 (August, 1992): Bushnell, Eleanore. Crimes, Follies, and Misfortunes: The Federal Impeachment Trials.

Number 8 (August, 1992): Leyh, Gregory (ed.). Legal Hermeneutics: History, Theory, and Practice.

Number 8 (August, 1992): Posner, Richard A. (ed.). The Essential Holmes.

Number 8 (August, 1992): Savage, David G. Turning Right: The Making of the Rehnquist Supreme Court.

Number 8 (August, 1992): Smith, Christopher E. Courts and the Poor.

Number 9 (September, 1992): Burgess, Susan R. Contest for Constitutional Authority: The Abortion and War Powers Debates.

Number 9 (September, 1992): Gates, John B. The Supreme Court and Partisan Realignment: A Macro- and Microlevel Perspective.

Number 9 (September, 1992): Hall, Kermit L. and Eric W. Rise. From Local Courts to National Tribunals.

Number 10 (October, 1992): Barker, Lucius J. and Twiley W. Barker Jr. Civil Liberties and the Constitution.

Number 10 (October, 1992): Brest, Paul and Sanford Levinson. Processes of Constitutional Decisionmaking: Cases and Materials.

Number 10 (October, 1992): Ducat, Craig and Harold W. Chase. Constitutional Interpretation.

Number 10 (October, 1992): Epstein, Lee and Thomas G. Walker. Constitutional Law for a Changing America.

Number 10 (October, 1992): Fisher, Louis. American Constitutional Law.

Number 10 (October, 1992): Goldman, Jerry. Review Essay: Is There a Canon of Constitutional Law?

Number 10 (October, 1992): Goldman, Sheldon. Constitutional Law: Cases and Essays.

Number 10 (October, 1992): Gunther, Gerald. Constitutional Law.

Number 10 (October, 1992): Leeson, Susan M. and James C. Foster. Constitutional Law: Cases in Context.

Number 10 (October, 1992): Lockhart, William B. Yale Kamisar, Jesse H. Choper, and Steven H. Shriffin. Constitutional Law: Cases-Comments-Questions.

Number 10 (October, 1992): Mezey, Susan Gluck. Special Editor's Introduction to Constitutional Law Case Book Reviews.

Number 10 (October, 1992): O'Brien, David M. Constitutional Law and Politics.

Number 10 (October, 1992): Perry, Barbara A. A "Representative" Supreme Court? The Impact of Race, Religion, and Gender on Appointments.

Number 10 (October, 1992): Rossum, Ralph A. and G. Alan Tarr. American Constitutional Law: Cases and Interpretations.

Number 10 (October, 1992): Starr, June. Law as Metaphor: From Islamic Courts to the Palace of Justice.

Number 10 (October, 1992): Steamer, Robert J. and Richard J. Maiman. American Constitutional Law.

Number 10 (October, 1992): Stone, Geoffrey R. Louis M. Seidman, Cass R. Sunstein, and Mark V. Tushnet. Constitutional Law.

Number 11 (November, 1992): Charns, Alexander. Cloak and Gavel: FBI Wiretaps, Bugs, Informers, and the Supreme Court.

Number 11 (November, 1992): Chilton, Bradley Stewart. Prisons Under the Gavel: The Federal Takeover of Georgia Prisons.

Number 11 (November, 1992): Grofman, Bernard and Chandler Davidson (eds.). Controversies in Minority Voting: The Voting Rights Act in Perspective.

Number 11 (November, 1992): Hoffer, Peter Charles. Law and People in Colonial America.

Number 11 (November, 1992): Kmiec, Douglas W. The Attorney General's Lawyer: Inside the Meese Justice Department.

Number 11 (November, 1992): Marcus, Maeva (ed.). Origins of the Federal Judiciary: Essays on the Judiciary Act of 1789.

Number 11 (November, 1992): Zimring, Franklin E. and Gordon Hawkins. The Search for Rational Drug Control.

Number 12 (December, 1992): Hamilton, V. Lee and Joseph Sanders. Everyday Justice: Responsibility and the Individual in Japan and the United States.

Number 12 (December, 1992): Harriger, Katy J. Independent Justice: The Federal Special Prosecutor in American Politics.

Number 12 (December, 1992): Stone, Alec. The Birth of Judicial Politics in France.

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