Reviews Listed by Volume and Number: Volume 1 (1991)

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Number 3 (March, 1991): An-Nacim, Abdullahi Ahmed and Francis M. Deng. Human Rights in Africa: Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Number 3 (March 1991): Buzawa, Eve S. and Carl G. Buzawa. Domestic Violence: The Criminal Justice Response.

Number 3 (March 1991): Conley, John M. and William O'Barr. Rules Versus Relationships: The Ethnography of Legal Discourse.

Number 3 (March, 1991): Grofman, Bernard. Political Gerrymandering and the Courts.

Number 3 (March, 1991): Hunter, James Davison and Os Guiness. Articles of Faith, Articles of Peace: The Religious Liberty Clauses.

Number 3 (March, 1991): Lawrence, Susan E. The Poor in the Court: The Legal Services Program and Supreme Court.

Number 3 (March, 1991): Tribe, Laurence H. and Michael C. Dorf. On Reading the Constitution.

Number 3 (March, 1991): Wellington, Harry H. Interpreting the Constitution: The Supreme Court and the Process of Adjudication.

Number 4 (April, 1991): Cohn, Ellen S. and Susan O. White. Legal Socialization: A Study of Norms and Rules.

Number 4 (April, 1991): Hellman, Arthur D. Restructuring Justice: The Innovations of the Ninth Circuit and the Future of the Federal Courts.

Number 4 (April 1991): McIntosh, Wayne V. The Appeal of Civil Law: A Political-Economic Analysis of Litigation.

Number 4 (April 1991): Posner, Richard A. The Problems of Jurisprudence.

Number 5 (May 1991): Gates, John B. and Charles A. Johnson (eds.). The American Courts: A Critical Assessment. [Feeley review]

Number 5 (May 1991): Kelley, Donald R. The Human Measure: Social Thought in the Western Legal Tradition.

Number 5 (May, 1991): Kens, Paul. Judicial Power and Reform Politics: The Anatomy of Lochner v. New York.

Number 5 (May, 1991): Nedelsky, Jennifer. Private Property and the Limits of American Constitutionalism.

Number 5 (May, 1991): Posner, Richard A. Cardozo: A Study in Reputation.

Number 6 (June, 1991): Currie, David P. The Constitution in the Supreme Court: The Second Century 1888-1896.

Number 7 (July, 1991): Levi, Judith N. and Anne Graffam Walker. Language in the Judicial Process.

Number 7 (July, 1991): Sunstein, Cass R. After the Rights Revolution: Reconceiving the Regulatory State.

Number 7 (July 1991): Wice, Paul B. Judges and Lawyers: The Human Side of Justice.

Number 8 (August, 1991): Carter, Lief. An Introduction to Constitutional Interpretation: Cases in Law and Religion.

Number 8 (August, 1991): Edley, Christopher F. Jr. Administrative Law: Rethinking Judicial Control of Bureaucracy.

Number 8 (August, 1991): Fritz, Christian G. Federal Justice: The California Court of Ogden Hoffman, 1851-1891.

Number 8 (August, 1991): Geel, T. R. van. Understanding Supreme Court Opinions.

Number 8 (August, 1991): Van Geel, T. R. Understanding Supreme Court Opinions.

Number 9 (September, 1991): Farber, Daniel A. and Philip P. Frickey. Law and Public Choice: A Critical Introduction.

Number 9 (September, 1991): Kobylka, Joseph F. The Politics of Obscenity: Group Litigation in a Time of Legal Change.

Number 9 (September, 1991): Lamb, Charles M. and Stephen C. Halpern (eds.). The Burger Court: Political and Judicial Profiles.

Number 9 (September, 1991): Weisburd, David, Stanton Wheeler, Elin Waring, and Nancy Bode. Crimes of the Middle Class.

Number 10 (October, 1991): Castberg, A. Didrick. Japanese Criminal Justice.

Number 10 (October, 1991): Evan, William M. Social Structure and Law: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives.

Number 10 (October, 1991): Muller, Ingo. Hitler's Justice: The Courts of the Third Reich.

Number 10 (October, 1991): Scheingold, Stuart A. The Politics of Street Crime: Criminal Process and Cultural Obsession.

Number 10 (October, 1991): Williams, Patricia J. The Alchemy of Race and Rights.

Number 11 (November, 1991): Ellickson, Robert C. Order Without Law: How Neighbors Settle Disputes.

Number 11 (November, 1991): Hariman, Robert. Popular Trials: Rhetoric, Mass Media and the Law.

Number 12 (December, 1991): Martin, Benjamin F. Crime and Criminal Justice Under the Third Republic.

Number 12 (December, 1991): Rosenberg, Gerald N. The Hollow Hope: Can Courts Bring About Social Change.

Number 12 (December, 1991): Sarat, Austin and Thomas R. Kearns (eds.). The Fate of Law.

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